Why Was Vaping Able To Take Over From Smoking As A Fashion Statement Of The Modern Era?

Up until the last couple of years, cigarette smoking was seen as one of the cornerstones of the rebellious fashion and living life on the edge. Today however whilst undeniably still popular on a global scale, cigarettes are not as common as they once were as electronic ‘e-cigarettes’ have begun to flourish as an alternative-particularly amongst younger generations.

What are they?

Around for a surprising amount of decades, modern e-cigarettes stem from a Chinese design and subsequent technological developments have led to the creation of many variants. They may differ in terms of some features and branding, but all have helped carve out a market niche as a virtual upgrade on classic cigarettes, due to the reduced health impact that comes with using such devices.

Whilst further research is needed to understand the complete long-term impact of using e-cigarettes frequently, preliminary research points to the gadgets being far healthier due to the removal of tar, carbon monoxide, and the other aspects that has given smoking its notoriety. Instead, e-cigarettes are used in a process known as ‘vaping’, in which a user can produce clouds of vapour derived from a combination of nicotine and a custom flavoured e-liquid, a mixture that can be flavoured however the user desires.

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What was the result?

For many smokers who have struggled to give up nicotine or enjoy the aura they believe comes with smoking, then vaping has proven to be the perfect alternative. Now a common sight across the world on any street, e-cigarettes are now a go-to option for those looking to quit smoking.

This is largely because of the lack of damaging ingredients that’s involved, but also because an e-cigarette enables a user to adjust the strength of the nicotine involved. Therefore one could start out with a particularly potent option, before decreasing this level over time until the compulsion can be gotten under control.

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Looking forward

Although not accepted by everyone, the general reception to e-cigarettes has been far more positive than that afforded to the comparatively antiquated cigarettes. As valuable as looks and style might be to some, long-term health will win out with the majority virtually every time. E-cigarettes have proven themselves to be able to straddle this divide, keeping the spark of rebellion alive whilst ensuring a user doesn’t need to poison their body to acquire the effect they want.

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