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What Should Be Known About Marijuana’s Effect On Humans?

Marijuana does not have a good overall reputation but the more studies are conducted, the more this changes! Various studies proved some interesting effects that marijuana has on humans, slowly changing negative perceptions. The top cannabis and marijuana business consultants, for instance, share some facts that are now known about marijuana’s effects on humans and why more and more states are legalizing it every year.

Marijuana Can Make People Feel Good

THC is the active ingredient in marijuana and it was shown to interact with the reward system of the brain. This is the part of the brain that responds to what makes you feel good, like drinking and eating. If overexcited through drug use, reward systems create euphoria feelings. Some studies suggested the fact that excessive marijuana use becomes a problem for individuals. This is because when euphoria is often triggered, less is felt during the other experiences that are rewarding. Due to this, just moderate marijuana use is recommended to feel good.

Pain Relief

This is highly documented and it happens because marijuana contains CBD, which is a chemical that is not connected with the feeling of being high. However, this is highly responsible for therapeutic effects associated with marijuana. One of them is pain relief, which has been used for various medical purposes in the past.

A brand new report found proof that cannabis acts as a really effective treatment for people affected by chronic pain. One of the most common reasons why people request that they are prescribed medical marijuana is pain. Pain relief is gained by using marijuana, even arthritis pain.

One of the ways in which marijuana helps deal with pain is by reducing inflammation, which is a component of various illnesses, like the common rheumatoid arthritis. Pain is practically improved during rest, movement and even sleep.

Relief When Suffering From IBD (Inflammatory Bowel Disease)

Inflammatory bowel diseases (like ulcerative colitis) are hard to deal with but it was shown that marijuana use is beneficial. A paper that was released in 2014 showed that symptoms decreases for people affected by Chrohn’s drastically dropped after using cannabis. More research is necessary though because it is possible that there are some discrepancies that were present during past trials. Even so, people affected by IBD do not feel anything negative if proper marijuana doses are employed.

Controlling Epileptic Seizures

There are some drugs that might soon receive FDA approval and that are aimed to help treat some childhood epilepsy forms. CBD use is now investigated in people affected by Dravet syndrome, which is a rare childhood-onset epilepsy form. What should be remembered is there is proof that marijuana actually helps to control epileptic seizures.

Final Thoughts

More studies are needed to fully understand how marijuana impacts the human body but the more studies are being conducted, the more positive information comes through! That is why states are legalizing medicinal marijuana use. It is obvious that control is needed though and being careful about the future is a necessity.

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