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Trendy room designs for 2017

As the weather starts to warm up, we will all be thinking about ways that we can prepare for the summer months by giving our homes a makeover.

After we’ve given our homes a good spring clean, we can think about the ways that we can adapt some of the latest trends in interior design to bring our living spaces up to date.

Neutral colour palettes

Thankfully, not all of the latest trends require us to give our homes a major overhaul, as neutrals like beiges, camel, and even soft pink are going to be a big part of the fashionable colour palette. These muted tones are great at adding a sense of calm to any interior, and they also perform the handy function of making a small room seem much bigger.

And the neutral tone that’s going to continue to be the trend-setter in the coming months is grey. Whether it’s a soft and elegant shade of wood ash, or a deeper and smokier hue, grey is going to be everywhere and can really add a touch of sophistication.

Elegance and comfort


But whilst our colour palettes are staying restrained, our furniture choices will become increasingly ornate. We’ll be seeing plenty of luxurious materials like marble making a resurgence in our kitchens and bathrooms. And our bedrooms and living rooms will all benefit from the reintroduction of elegant metallics like brass and bronze in everything from quirky lighting to our choice in ornaments.

If all of this sounds a little cold, then fear not, as the Danish trend, hygge, will continue to be a big hit throughout 2017. This will see us stocking up on tealights and candles to make the most of natural light, and if you’re looking to make your bedroom as comfortable as possible, then following some of Bedstar’s tips on making your bed cosy can be a real help whilst we’re waiting for summer to finally arrive!

Tropical and African themes


For those who are looking to make a big splash in their interiors in 2017, then there are plenty more unusual trends to enjoy. With the tropical print trend looking to give our interiors a touch of jungle fever, and the recent obsession with African art and geometric patterns offering a great way to introduce unusual colours into our home, it shows that there’s something for everyone.

And the great thing about all of these trends are that they don’t require too much effort to switch around, so that once the summer months have gone, we can all look forward to exploring new ways of keeping warm in winter!

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