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Top 6 Most Instagrammable Spots in Switzerland

If you’re about to travel to Switzerland it’s likely that you’re going to come across some very scenic places. Whether you’re staying in luxury homes in Switzerland or you’re thinking of staying somewhere else chances are you’re going to be wowed by the view every time you step outside. If like many people you are happy to post a few pictures on Instagram you may be pleased to know that Switzerland is home to some Instagram-friendly spots.

Let’s take a look at 6 of the country’s most Instagrammable spots so you can get your phone or your camera at the ready:

The Matterhorn

You simply cannot spend any amount of time in Switzerland without taking a look at the Matterhorn. This incredible mountain peak is an impressive 14,692 foot high and is one of the most famous peaks in the world. Take a ride on the open-cog railway and make your way to the Gornergrat summit observation platform and take an incredible picture. Alternatively, you may want to take a photograph of the peak’s reflection that can be found on Lake Riffelsee’s glass-like surface.

You may be interested to know that much of the area that surrounds the Matterhorn is quite scenic so you might want to get your camera or phone handy the moment you set off!

Mauvoisin Reservoir and Dam

Make your way along the edge of the mountain lake that was formed by the Mauvoisin Dam which sits and 820 feet. One of the world’s highest dams and certainly one of the most scenic too this particular location is ideal if you want to get snap happy. Make your way along the foothills of La Ruinette and Grand Combin. Stand at the railings that overlook the dam and get ready to take some amazing photographs. When the sun is shining the views here are nothing short of stunning, but no matter what the weather is doing a great view is guaranteed,


Standing at an impressive 7,710 feet, Hannig offers a sight to behold. Offering you the chance to enjoy views of Mischabel chain’s incredible 13,000-foot peak, this location is where many scooter riders and mountain hikers set off. Hannig sees approximately 300 sunny days every year and if you’re lucky enough to be in the area when the sun is shining you’re in for a real treat. One of the best spots to take a few pictures for your Instagram account is at the Chicken Coop restaurant thanks to its fantastic views. Make your way to this well-known restaurant from Saas-Fee and take a few photographs as your path weaves around a 180-degree arc that finds you in the lower slopes of the mountain peaks.


If you have a head for heights and you don’t mind travelling on a cable car then you need to head to Hohsaas. Here you can enjoy views of the 18 Mischabel mountains that stand proudly at 13,000+ feet. Travel in the cable car from Kreuzboden and onto Hohsaas, alternatively, you may want to trek to the ski summit from Laggin or Weissmies up to where the cable cars are found. Stop off for a bit of a rest in the restaurant that has panoramic views and is a great place to take some amazing photographs. Please note that if you do decide to hike from Laggin or Weissmies it’s best if you’re an experienced hiker as the trail is not always easy.

Saint-Christophe’s Chapel

If you’ve had your fill of dramatic mountain landscapes, for now, you may want to head to Saint-Christophe’s Chapel. This chapel is nothing short of quaint and beautiful and was used by shepherds who moved their flocks of sheep during the summer months onto the higher grounds so they could graze. A beautiful forested trail will take you to the chapel and give you some incredible views of Val de Bagnes.

The chapel itself is well worth photographing as it could easily be mistaken for a stone-built hut if it wasn’t for the cross that hangs above the door. Its white/grey finish is a stark contrast between the green of the forest behind it, making it ideal if you love to take beautiful pictures for Instagram.

Harder Kulm

If you have a head for heights you need to head to Harder Kulm as the view simply has to be seen to be believed. Home to a restaurant that could easily be mistaken for a castle thanks to its turrets and steeples, an incredible view is promised. Take a ride in a funicular from the Harder railway station and get your camera at the ready. You may want to take some photographs on the way up to the top as the route is pretty scenic. Once you’re at the restaurant make your way to one of the two viewing platforms that seem to be magically suspended above Lakes Thun and Brient. If you have the chance, stay at the restaurant until sunset as the view is even more stunning than it is during the day.

Switzerland is home to many magical spots, but we think that the above 6 spots are the most Instagrammable. The beauty of Switzerland is that many areas are scenic so while you’re travelling to your chosen destination you may want to make sure your camera is at the ready. Get all the photographs you want and upload the best to your Instagram account so you can show everyone where you’ve been!

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