Tips to Save a Doomed Date

We have all heard of those horror first date tales which end in belly-aching laughter or sheer heart-stopping embarrassment, but what do you do if it happens to you? What would your go-to excuse be if your date had a high-pitched squeal every time she tried to giggle, or he seems to have forgotten that there’s more to life than his university football days. Either way, it’s not the worst first date you’ve ever had…I mean he hasn’t forgotten to take off his wedding ring before getting a spray tan… but you can’t endure another dreaded awkward silence or endless blabber. So, how do you sit through the evening until an opportune moment presents itself to get the hell out of there, here are some tips to help keep you entertained:


  1. Ask your date to help you analyse the other couples in the room and invent stories for each one. How they met, who wears the pants, how long have they been together, etc. At this point you just want have some fun, and hey, you may even learn something unexpected about your date.
  2. When your date is taking unusually long in the bathroom or happens to be MIA, of course, the first thing you do is reach for your phone, but instead of the standard social media rant about your bad date, check out some mobile casinos where you can turn a long wait into a big win (I’m sure you’ll have enough time to have your rant as well).
  3. Challenge your date to a staring competition, yes we aren’t ten years old anymore, but what the hell, why not? This date is doomed already so you might as well see who can succumb to the blink first. Or, if anything, you’ll get the date to end earlier.

So, forget trying to come up with the ultimate escape plan, using every excuse in the book, and rather try to turn your doomed date around. After all, everyone needs a couple of great stories to throw in the mix at a dinner party.

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