Tips for Hosting a Successful Christmas Reunion

All reunions are difficult to host, because many families are simply too big! Feeding a crowd is a challenge, and hosting a crowd is even more so. You need to ensure that everyone has a great time, and that they have enough to do, to eat, and to drink. If your party is in any way lacking, you might find that old arguments resurface, or some members might feel completely left out. The successful Christmas reunion is one where everyone feels like they have a place. The successful Christmas party is well-hosted, well-fed, and memorable for years to come. To help you throw this successful bash, follow these tips:

Encourage Everyone to Bring Food

With the power of the Internet you can not only encourage everyone to bring food to help feed everyone, you can also coordinate with each other so that everyone brings different things. That way you won’t have three potato salads that no one eats, and instead a wide variety of food that is sure to please everyone. At the very least, your guests should be able to eat what they’ve brought! When you do this remember to make note of all and any allergies or sensitivities, so that you can make sure there are options for everyone.



If you host the reunion every year, consider going all out after this Christmas to stock up on some more Christmas decorations. The better decorated your home is, the better your party will be. People love being in places that a lot of thought and effort has gone in to, and by buying your decorations on sale you’ll be able to host the best Christmas party without breaking the bank.

Have a Secret Santa

It will be impossible to buy gifts for every member of your family, so for the reunion, skip that awkward obligation and instead set up a secret Santa. That way everyone can get one gift, and everyone gets to partake. You could set it up online so that everyone not only knows who they got, but also tips on what to get the person in question. That added feature is great for distant family members or ones on a different side of the family.


Host a Variety of Activities

To ensure that everyone has a great time, have a variety of things for people to do! You could set up a game of cards, or even bring a computer or mobile in so that your grandma can enjoy a Gala Bingo game like Find the Bingo Caller. Having a wide variety of games and activities ensure everyone has something to do and bond over, so you can bring all sides of your family together.

Christmas reunions are difficult, but not impossible to host. Do them right and you’ll bring your whole family closer together year after year. Ensure that there is enough food for everyone by getting everyone involved with the food and drink, and decorate your home to perfection. To further ensure that everyone has a good time, set up a bunch of activities so that everyone can have a great time, and finish the night off by having a Secret Santa exchange. Do this, and your whole family will bond, reminisce, and make new memories.

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