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One in five (20%) employees from Kent arrive for work exhausted from their commute, it was revealed.

New research* commissioned by coach company, The Kings Ferry, found the stress of crawling along in heavy traffic by car – or standing on a packed train – saps our energy long before we tackle the morning workload.

The study also found the average commuter spends hours traveling to work by different modes of transport.

And they typically shell out as much as £93.13 a week – that’s £4,284 a year (46 weeks) – to travel an average 25 miles a day**.

The statistics emerged from a survey of 1,500 commuters from across the region, which revealed that the cost of travelling to and from work is the biggest bugbear of all commuting woes.


Commuters from Kent are being urged to consider taking a coach to work to cut their travel costs in half*** as one in five (21%) who travel to work by rail – and 12% that travel by car –  now deem their commute ‘too expensive’.

And the regulated cost of rail fares is set to rise 1.9% by January 2017 and is likely to further  exacerbate the problem****.

More than a quarter of all commuters (28%) have had to cut back on savings elsewhere to afford their annual commute and 26% have had to change their route to work to reduce their expenses.

A spokesperson from The Kings Ferry Coaches, which commissioned the research, said: “A stressful daily commute can really impact on your overall sense of well being by the time you get to work.”

“With regular delays and breakdowns on railways, overcrowding and increasing prices on train fares plus the cost of motoring set to rise throughout 2016, it’s of no surprise that employees from the region are fed up and exhausted.

“Fortunately we can provide some light relief for new passengers travelling to work with us by helping them to save as much as 50% on their annual commute.

“What with the added comfort of a guaranteed seat on-board all our air conditioned coaches, it’s certainly a fresh perspective on the nine-to five.

“You can’t control signal failures or leaves on the line but you may be able to control the amount you pay annually for your commute given that we continue to be considerably cheaper than rail.”

Other commuting bugbears, include: Delays (50%); traffic jams (45%); overcrowding (22%); length of journey (18%); onward travel connections (18%); nowhere to sit (10%), or poor commuter etiquette such as lack of spacial awareness or noise (10%).

For more information on how you can save as much as 50% on your annual commute to and from work, visit The Kingsferry.


* Independent research commissioned by The Kings Ferry and carried out by 3 Gem Research & Insight. 1500 commuters were surveyed – 1157 of them were employed full time and 343 were employed part time.

**The Most Expensive Route to Work Calculation

The sample said that the most expensive form of transport to cover 25 miles was by train.

The most expensive route by train – covering 25 miles – is from Bean/Ebbsfleet to London at a cost of £4024 per annum.

***50% Saving on Annual Commute When Travelling By Coach  

£4024 (most expensive route by train) – minus the cost of the same journey by coach with The Kingsferry (£2,115 per annum) = £2,169 (50% Saving).

****The Office of National Statistics

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