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The Top Attractions in Kent for Teenagers

Every parent of teenagers knows how difficult it can be finding fun events and leisure experiences that they actually want to bother with. The secret to tempting them away from their social media identities and electronic best friends lies in finding something special to do.

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Making the effort to encourage an interest in something different is worth it for the benefits to their mental and physical health. Take a look at these fun and popular attractions in Kent, great for both family days out – especially if you are on holiday there – or for them to visit with friends, and you need never have a bored teen on your hands again.

Ipilot – Flight Simulator Experiences

Based in the Bluewater Shopping Centre, Ipilot offer several flight packages, all offering different amounts of time in the cockpit. This is split 50-50 between taking the pilot and co-pilot roles, with guidance from trained professionals. Your teenager can fly to and from a selection of over 500 airports around the world during this exciting and fun experience, which is not just unusual but also a great way to build confidence.

Jet Skiing

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Jet Ski Safari in Whitstable caters to the thrill seeking water babies in your family. Excursions last for an hour and riders travel along the Swale Estuary either solo or with a passenger. Allow for 2 hours in total to cover the mandatory 30 minute instruction and preparation session before taking the jet ski out, and the changing and tidying up afterwards. There are some restrictions based around age: 13 year olds can only be passengers, 14-17 year olds can drive the ski if they have an adult passenger, and 18-19 year olds can drive solo.

Adventure at Go Ape

One for the daredevil teen, keen to tackle zip wires, rope bridges and Tarzan swings. Open between February and November, each visit lasts around 2-3 hours. Teens under 16 need an adult around, but those 16+ can do their own thing. Safety briefings are standard so this is a fun and low risk way to work those muscles, get essential exercise and have lots of fun.

Enjoy Some Animal Magic

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Most teens have long since grown out of zoos, but if they have an interest in animals they will definitely enjoy a visit to Howletts. This wildlife park is dedicated to conserving animals from endangered species, and re-introducing them into the wild where possible. There are opportunities to get up close with some of the animals.

Wheels, Boards and Blades

Revolution Skatepark is a popular attraction in Kent, as it offers all kinds of exciting wheel, board and blade experiences to kids of all abilities. From BMX bikes and scooters, to skateboards and rollerblades, all interests are covered. Weekend and holiday lessons are offered if needed. Encourage your teens to get serious about this kind of activity by buying them some top quality equipment from a dedicated outlet like skate shop.

Enjoy sending your teenagers off to have fun, learn something or get fitter, or join them and experience these fun attractions as a family.

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