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The Stress Test : reflexology at the NMF Clinic

Stressed out business owners, Nikki and Alison, put Liat and the NMF Clinic to the test to see how reflexology could help them resolve emotional and physical challenges arising from hard work and hormonal imbalances. Here’s what they had to say.


“When I first met Liat, I was feeling tearful, angry and probably quite volatile. I was having all the menopause symptoms, you name it, hot flushes, headaches, murderous thoughts, I had it! I wanted to be in control of my emotions and to get back to the humanitarian in me.

Together we’ve worked out that I’m dealing with a combination of hormonal issues and workplace stress. Liat has calmed me down. She’s helping me to deal with the stress, as well as the hot flushes and encourages me to look after myself more.

After our sessions I feel like I’m on cloud nine; my feet feel fabulous and I have a feeling of dreamy relaxation. Everyone should have a Liat in their life.”  Nikki, chef

“I was suffering with a constant headache, hot flushes and feeling tearful. It was pretty unbearable. My GP offered me medication, but even though I was feeling so down and tearful, I didn’t want to take lots of tablets.

Nmfclinic Liat photo

I’ve been seeing Liat now for about four months to rebalance and harmonise my hormones. My headaches stopped altogether after just three or four weeks! It had been such a constant pressure, that I felt lighter and so relieved.

She is so gentle and her treatments are incredibly relaxing. I don’t get any headaches or PMS any more. I’ve already recommended Liat to a friend who was struggling. I believe she’s feeling more like herself now too.”  Alison, business owner.

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