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The Best Ways To Make Your Home Stand Out

If you want a home that is a little different to the norm and you want it to stand out in looks and in the memories of everyone who visits, there are some great ways to go about doing it. Each one will enhance your home and together, they will bring it right up to date and ensure that no one ever forgets it – for the right reasons. Here are some ideas to get started with.

3 Dimensions

Using items that are three dimensional in your décor will give your home a beautiful, timeless look that is also very modern and exciting. You might choose to do this by adding sculpture to your rooms, or hanging items on the wall that have a good texture and demand to be touched. It could be that you make your seating more three dimensional by adding lots of cushions. Anything and everything that means your room is not flat and boring will work wonders to make your home stand out.

Spiral Staircase

If you have more than one floor in your home, you are going to need a staircase to access everywhere. Rather than installing a standard staircase, why not have a spiral one instead? Staircase manufacturers should be able to talk through all of your design ideas, and give you plenty of their own as well, so that you can have the ideal spiral staircase for your home. What you have will depend on the style of your house and the room required, so bear these things in mind if this is a route you want to explore. You could even think about external staircases UK if space is at a premium – this will also give you the look you are aiming for, whilst freeing up room within the house.

Wood Flooring

When you think of installing new flooring in your home, do you think of carpeting? Most people do, but wooden flooring is the most up to date and stylish trend. Wooden flooring looks classy and elegant, and it is much easier to maintain than carpeting is. Go for the best standard of wooden flooring that your budget will allow because the better quality the longer it will last and the more resistant it will be to general wear and tear.

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