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Taking the Stress out of Surgery: Dealing with Before and After the Op

Surprisingly, for most people, the worst thing about surgery is not going under the knife. It’s the run-up to the operation and the time that directly follows it that have a lot of patients stressing. Prior to the op, people are prone to worry about everything that could go wrong while they are on the surgeon’s table; after the op, worries about what has gone wrong and how their life may now be changed going forward often fill the patient’s heads.

If you’re booked in for surgery any time soon, then, for the sake of your wellbeing and sanity, you need to try and quell your worries. To see what you need to do deal with pre- and post-op stress, make sure to read on.

Before the surgery

If you’re booked in for surgery and your operation day is quickly creeping up on you, you’re probably starting to feel a little apprehensive. In fact, you’re probably starting to feel stressed, anxious, panicky and fearful about what is going to happen. If you do experience these types of feelings in the run-up to your upcoming surgery, just know that you are right to feel them and feeling them is completely normal. Of course, it’s okay to be scared, as surgery is a trauma after all.

The run-up to your surgery need not be as traumatic an experience as you’re making it, however. You can deal with your surgery anxiety and fear. To do so, first of all, you have to understand what your specific fear is:

Once you pinpoint what it is you are actually afraid of, you can then get to work in tackling it.

After the surgery

Being off the operating table and on the other side of surgery doesn’t mean your problems are yet over. There are still things that you need to do to deal with your post-operation life in as stress-free a manner as possible.

The first that you need to do is make sure your finances are in order. It means ensuring that the time you are being forced to take off from work is in no way hampering your income. Also, you need to make sure that you get what you are owed should you feel you were the victim of medical negligence. In this instance, the best course of action to take is to align yourself with the expert solicitors found at These professionals only ever offer a no-win, no-fee guarantee, meaning they will not take your case on unless they are confident in your ability to win it, which means that you won’t ever have to allow your financial worries to hinder your recovery process.

If you want your next surgical experience to be as stress-free as can be, then you need to make sure that you deal with your pre- and post-operation periods in as healthy a way as possible.

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