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Stylish Home: How to Decorate with Statement Pieces

Statement pieces can make a stylish interior statement, transforming any room from bland to bold. Whether a piece of furniture like a plush upholstered sofa or an accessory such as a feature rug, they can elevate the space and create an interesting focal point.

While you may have seen a statement item you would love to include in your living room, or are desperate to decorate your bedroom in this season’s latest interior trends, going bold can be daunting. To help you get it right, follow our style guide for statement success.

Make it Pop

When you have selected something so dramatic, be it a piece of furniture or an accessory, you may be tempted to buy items that match it, to help it blend. But remember, the point of buying a statement object is to make it stand out, not fight for attention.

To do this, pair eye-catching items with simpler styles. Having the occasional special piece can elevate your décor, so embrace it and make it pop.

Opposites Attract

You may have heard that opposites attract and when it comes to décor, this is certainly true. Rather than hiding your statement piece, you can make more of an impact by pairing it with something different.

For example, going monochrome with black and white, using acrylic with natural materials, or contrasting feminine and masculine can be effective and make the space more intriguing.

The Rule of Three

While making it stand out is important, you also need to find the perfect balance to avoid your interior from becoming too busy. This is an essential tip when it comes to picking your colour palette.

To keep it tasteful and allow your statement object to do the talking, use the rule of three. Simply select one colour and then choose three accents of your chosen shade, to let your item take the limelight.

Place it Well

Having a bold object can enhance a space, making it feel more high-end and expertly designed. That being said, if you decide to inject some drama, think carefully about the placement.

In order to add the wow factor you crave, a statement piece should be the main focal point. As such, avoid putting it in the corner and display proudly.

Consider the Scale

Lastly, consider the scale. Although your bold furniture or accessory should take centre stage, it needs to look balanced by being paired with proportional items. To do this, select low key pieces that are of similar size but simpler in style.

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