Staying in this Winter? The Advantages of Home Entertainment

It can be a real treat to go out for a meal, to go to the theatre, or even just a visit to the cinema. Maybe you like ice-skating, playing football, or are a shopaholic that spends hours browsing different shopping centres. All of these things entail you leaving the warmth and comfort of your own home; we now have such an array of different home entertainment at our fingertips that, sometimes, staying in can be just as much fun.

Many of the newest entertainment niches are suitable for all ages, and it’s not always true when people say the technological age is diminishing the amount of human contact. A grandparent could play with their grandchildren on a games console, for example. The grandparent might not be up to running around a football pitch but sitting back in their comfy armchair to play a game is a different matter.

Home Entertainment in the Technological Age

If you refer to technological games to play at home, most people will think you are talking about games consoles. The cost of these and the cost involved in buying the games will deter some people from taking this step. There are many other things you can enjoy at home, particularly if you have a smartphone, tablet, or PC.


On smartphones, tablets, and PCs, you now have digital versions of games older people used to play as youngsters, so they are familiar with them. Card games, such as many versions of solitaire, poker, and cribbage are popular among the older generation. They are all available to play with other players. You can play live games and chat with other users at the same time if you want to.

There are games for the youngsters too. Children are brought up with technology now and know how to use devices from a very young age. Nearly every cartoon character has an app or a console game, such as Lego Harry Potter or Spongebob Squarepants. There are games for very little children, and others they can progress to, as they get older. Some are even thought to help their development, such as Minecraft. The advantage of a lot of these is they learn while they play, often without even realising it.

There are apps for every age. If you enjoy betting, for instance, there is no shortage of choice. There are apps where you can bet with real money and others where you can use a simulated bankroll. Most major bookmakers and casino companies have apps offering a plethora of games, such as the popular online casino in UK that offers slots like Golden Egypt or the Alice Cooper celebrity slot. If you prefer a cultural edge to your gambling, then there’s The Phantom Of The Opera slot too.


The Effects Of Social Media      


‘social media’ – Sean MacEntee via Flickr (CC BY-SA 2.0)

Still, a very popular home entertainment is watching films and videos. More and more people have stopped relying on TV channels to get their fix. The rise of services like Netflix have made on-demand streaming a far more popular way to watch. Social media plays a large part in how shows and movies get noticed. When friends post about a film they enjoyed, or not, they are basically reviewing it, which can lead their friends or followers to either watch it or avoid it. Millennials, in particular, are far more likely to turn to video sharing sites for music videos, although they are becoming more popular with all age groups.

So, there you have it; there’s no need to brave the bleak outdoors this winter when there’s a huge variety of entertainment options between your own four walls.

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