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So You Live in Kent But Work in the Cloud – How Is That Possible?

Of course everyone knows what the cloud is by now, but even so, there are still those who don’t fully comprehend the benefits of cloud-based platforms. In fact, some of these are so powerful that you could almost always even work from home and never be missed on the job!

However, that wouldn’t necessarily be true of those working in HR as part of their job description is to provide better communications between management and staff. Nonetheless, theoretically, you could work from home and never be missed and that is a fact.


Why Working in the Cloud Has Become So Popular

Actually, no matter where you live, working in the cloud has become extremely popular. Although it is said in a light-hearted way, living in Kent and working in the cloud does place you on a rather ethereal plane, making your job much easier no matter what it is you do! For example, if you are often on the road but have the need to check in daily for your list of scheduled appointments, a cloud HR system can keep you informed and in touch with your HR liaison without the need to make that extra trip into the office daily.

You no longer need to wait for a faxed or emailed appointment list, nor do you need to make that time-consuming phone call into the office to see where you stand with the day’s schedule. Working in the cloud is so popular because it saves time, effort and yes, it saves money – and lots of it!

Accessibility Is Key to Productivity

Not only is working in the cloud a time-saving benefit but the mere fact that everything you need to do your job is accessible from wherever you are is one of the leading ways to increase productivity. From the software platform you use to meet with clients to the timesheets on which you log your daily hours, it’s all in one place and that place is not your desktop at work or that laptop you carry wherever you go. It’s in the cloud!


That’s why it’s possible to live in Kent and work in the cloud, even if you are visiting Madrid, Berlin, Cairo or Dubai. It doesn’t matter where you live or where you are travelling to, if you have access to the Internet, you are on the job!

Everything You Need, Everywhere You Go – It Is All Located Wherever You Are!

Just think about how much time you save by avoiding trains, buses and long auto trips each and every day. You can live in Kent, work in Cairo, shop in New York and view the new flick in LA without ever leaving your home. HR staff can keep track of your hours, your meetings, your sales and even your taxes because it’s all there in the cloud. HR can offer the training you need which, of course, you remember from back in your onboarding days.

No matter where you live or where you work, cloud-based HR software makes it possible to be in multiple geographic locations without ever moving a single step. How’s that for a cushy job!

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