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Smart apps and devices for your home

The internet has made the world a place full of huge possibilities. With apps and online tools, automated systems and even personal assistants on your laptop, the world has certainly advanced in the last decade. With automated vehicles on the horizon and robots doing all kinds of tasks that people used to do, technology is very much taking over.

While this might be a concern for some people, when you look at the opportunities it presents us with, it is pretty amazing. You can save time by using apps to make a purchase or send a quick email quickly. The internet opens a wealth of possibilities and can turn all day tasks into five minute burdens.

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Therefore, we have rounded up some of the best smart apps and devices for your home so that you can take advantage of the great benefits of technology:

Smart Speaker – Amazon’s Echo is a prime example of what a smart speaker could do for your home. What they are is internet connected virtual assistants who work similarly to Apple’s Siri. Therefore, you can simply ask questions such as a recipe while in the kitchen, and get a quick response back. Use the smart speaker to find the best products, whether it be for your home or office. For employers, smart speakers can offer business related answers like “where can I find products for presentations,” for the speaker to answer with sites like Show Case Creative, etc.

Heating and Cooling – How many times have you left the house and forgotten to turn the heating off, fearing the next set of bills? Or, on a freezing day, wish you could turn the heating on for when you come home from work? With the Nest Learning Thermostat or similar product, you can control your temperature from your phone or any other device.

Wi-Fi Precision Cooker – You can now invest in products that will allow you to change the temperature of your cooker via Wi-Fi. This means you can control the temperature of your oven when away from home, making it less likely you overcook or burn your meal. This product is similar to a slow cooker, and therefore perfect if a quick errand turns out to be longer than expected.


SmartThings – The SmartThings app allows you to control any smart device in your home from one hub. This means anything from your lighting, outdoor motion sensor, heating to security cameras, etc. It is ideal if you want to make sure your home is secure while you are away on holiday or simply at work, and it can send alerts if something is wrong, such as you’ve left the oven on or someone has tripped your security alarm.

By owning an internet connection, so much is possible nowadays. With so many apps on the market, it is impossible to keep up-to-date, however, some apps you simply cannot miss out on and offer efficiency and more secure lifestyles. In the future, there will be more things to come, with apps listed above becoming the norm.

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