Although still comparative newbies to the hospitality business, Ben and Emma have shown that hard work and determination can achieve results in the hotel industry. They have moved up the ranks of hotels in Kent and have, for a period of 18 months or so, held the top spot on TripAdvisor in Kent. Their focus is now squarely on making their mark in the food business.

With head chef, Ryan Whitlock at the helm, they have a young man of prodigious talent, boundless energy and a seemingly bottomless passion for food. While ascribing to sourcing produce locally, Ryan’s approach seeks to ensure the quality of produce is achieved above anything else.

Townley’s will be focusing on opening their doors to a wider local audience and getting Ramsgate and neighbouring towns to enjoy a more casual dining approach throughout the day in their unique, Georgian building. Breaking the mould of the two- or three-course lunch offering, the team are looking to make brunch the must-have meal of the day, available between 11am and 4pm.

Following a week-long trip to Ireland, Ryan and Ben sampled food on offer in a multitude of restaurants in Cork and Galway, observing a pattern which saw good fayre enjoyed in relaxed atmospheres; food presented with four or five key components, with sublime flavours, but with a sense of fun also. The inspiration drawn from this trip to the Emerald Isle will give rise to more relaxed dishes accompanied by good music and attentive staff at Townleys, helping you to kick back and relax in the company of good friends.

The Brits invented brunch apparently, and they also contributed a reasonable amount to the world of alcoholic tipples. The weekends and a great ‘deal of the week’ will now be about celebrating these triumphs and what better way to do this while gazing out to sea, Prosecco or Bloody Mary in hand while sampling tasty wholesome new creations in Townley’s laid back spaces.

Watch this brunch space….


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