Located on Harbour Street in Whitstable, nestled in amongst boutique shops and treasure trove type stores, is Birdies. And it is charming. Although it is much more than that; Birdies is elegant and comfortable, a cosy French style bistro in beautiful East Kent where intimate meals for two or large and joyful gatherings of friends can take place all at once with no one feeling as though they don’t belong.

It is, in a word, lovely; a very special place indeed.














Checked tablecloths, heavy cutlery, vintage ads on the walls, gorgeous old photographs, handwritten menus, flowers on the tables… here you are treated and looked after, as well as fed with the most expertly created dishes using locally sourced ingredients wherever possible. It’s wise to book in advance to make sure of getting a seat, as Birdies has a reputation for excellent food and service to match.

Starters include locally caught rock oysters – salty and tangy with lemon – and a creamy, moreish lobster bisque amongst other delicious offerings. Homemade bread and butter, hot from the oven, complements each dish.

Main courses are a delight – half a lobster with saffron cream and deep fried crispy fillet of sea bass with soy and ginger are just two examples; there are plenty more. Served with perfectly cooked rice or crispy fries as well as tender vegetables, a meal at Birdies is a wonderful thing.














And there are desserts that are just too good to pass up. The Whitstable mess, a creamy crème brulee, a rich and opulent chocolate truffle torte – make sure you leave room for afters!

Everything about Birdies, from the food to the décor to the clientele is wonderful. This is where you can take your time, taste your food, and talk. There aren’t many places that offer all of that.


41 Harbour Street
CT5 1AH 

T: 01227 265337

Facebook: /BirdiesWhitstable/