Reasons People Love To Receive Flowers

Flowers have always been a popular gift both to receive and to give. Valentine’s, birthdays, anniversaries, even ‘just because’… Flowers can say everything that needs to be said in a riot of gorgeous colours.

It’s easy to understand why giving flowers is so popular, but what is it that people love to receive them so much?


When you give flowers to someone they will last for a while, placed carefully in a vase or even planted outside if you opt for a plant rather than a bloom. That means the recipient will see them over and over. It means they will have a long-term reminder of when you gave them that gift, especially if the scent follows them everywhere they go, and it will make them smile all over again.

Slow Down

Being given flowers offers people the chance to slow down and pause for a moment in their otherwise hectic life. They need to put the flowers into a vase, add water, pop in the flower food, trim the stems and leaves, and generally take a minute to reflect on the gift they have been given. Even these few seconds of contemplation can be enough to re-set the mind and re-energise the body.

They Show You Know Them

You need to know the person you are giving flowers to in order to pick the ones that will suit them the best. If you know their favourite flower that makes things easier, but even if you don’t there will be clues as to which ones they will like. You might work on which colours they tend to wear most, or perhaps what their favourite perfume is. Think about what their home looks like and the colours and designs used there. Take your cue from the little things that they say and do. When you hand over a bouquet of stunning flowers that match their personality, they will know that you know them, and that is a wonderful feeling.

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