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Preserving Your Property Value with Maintenance

Our national obsession with house prices has encouraged us to look at every which way we can to improve our homes and increase their potential value. On most streets and roads across the country, there are invariably trades vans parked up, and a flurry of activity all geared towards home improvement.

Whilst people mainly consider the inside of their homes as a priority when trying to add or maintain property value, the outside is often neglected. However, with a little maintenance, you can preserve the value of your home while increasing your kerb appeal and the sense of pride and enjoyment you feel every time you come home.

The Driveway and Front Garden

The first thing that anyone notices as they pull up to your house is the driveway and the front garden. Make sure that if your driveway is block paved that it is free from weeds – there is nothing more unwelcoming than weeds overtaking what was once an attractive driveway. The idea of having to spend a couple of hours weeding is far more imposing than the actual act of doing it. If you are, however, strapped for time, then hiring a gardener to fix this issue is worth the money and extra hassle.


Have you got a lawn and flower beds? You need to roll your sleeves up and get amongst the flowers and try to fathom out which ones are legitimate and which ones are weeds. You will be surprised at how relaxing it is to get outside and be amongst nature. You may even find gardening therapeutic.

Consider your bins as well. Do you store them at the front of the house? They are not very attractive, so either consider ways of screening them from view to visitors, or seek out bin stickers to camouflage them and make them less obvious. You can buy green leaf ones that will mask the bins against foliage.

The Guttering

Now is a good time to observe the guttering around the whole house. Weeds can grow in them over a period of time, and while can make your property look uncared for, they can also make rainwater overflow in times of heavy rain resulting in serious water damage if your grouting is not up to scratch. For a solution, get the ladders out and remove the weeds as a preventative measure to future problems.

The Front Door

Once you have tackled the driveway and garden and made them more appealing to visitors, think about what they see next. They are most likely to come and knock at your front door. How is your door looking? If you have a wooden door, you need to check for any cracks and signs of wear and tear. Your wooden door does require annual maintenance, not just from a security point of view but to ensure that your home remains draft free. Whilst you are at it, you can update the colour of it too. Fashions change, and now is the time to update it to a more modern colour – the range of colours that are available now are quite vast.

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If you have a uPVC or composite door, make sure that you give it a good clean, and take the time to do a good job to remove the detritus that can build up over time, especially if you live near a main road where pollutants can colour and stain the plastic. Test the doorbell frequently, and if you have one that isn’t wired up to electricity, remember to have spare batteries handy.

The Side Path

The path round to the back garden is often neglected by homeowners because nobody else uses it frequently. Make sure that you are not using this area for storing things that either no longer work or have just ended up living there. If it doesn’t work and has been stored at the side of your house for more than a month, take it to the tip. You do not need this clutter, and ridding excess can create a better environment.

Keep your ears open for a scrap metal merchant who may come calling down your street to collect waste metals. If there is not one who regularly calls around, search on the internet and make a few phone calls – just get it gone!

The Back Garden

Your back garden deserves your full attention. Repeat your clearing up exercise that you performed in the front garden. Having neat flower beds and a mowed lawn will make it look instantly better; create an area for you to sit and relax during warm summer days, and include outdoor furniture for when you’re entertaining. Decking can be a solid investment and is easy to maintain. Include a garden feature such as a pond, and if you already have one then ensure it is well-kept. Replace the filter and water pump in your pond. For example, OASE Pond Pumps can breathe a new lease of life into a neglected pond and restore it to an oasis of calm.


Get in the shed and have a clear out. Get rid of broken children’s toys and take them to the tip. If you have a collection of outgrown bikes either sell them or give them away – people are always grateful for a child’s bike because they can be expensive.

If the weather is being kind, reoil teak outdoor furniture or give your plastics a good soaking; scrub away any green moss that may have formed. By maintaining your outdoor furniture, you are ensuring that you prolong its life, and if time allows, treat your shed too. If you are storing garden equipment in the shed, you want it to be waterproof and free from damp, so make sure you check the windows and door and pay attention to any holes or gaps.

Also inspect your back door, for example, is it weathering well? Make sure that it is able to keep you secure in your home and is draft free. Does it need a lick of paint too? Choose a colour which fits in with the entirety of your home. Unlike the front door, you can be bold in your colour choice.

A house should be a home, and keeping it well-maintained is your number one priority. Whether you want to sell it or not, preserving your property’s value is important, and there’s no harm in improving it. Make your home stand out in the street, and be proud to call it your own.

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