Practical Ways to Improve Your Decision Making Skills

The ability to make decisions is an important skill that everyone should learn. It is beneficial in every aspect of your life whether it’s your relationships, education, or career. Although nobody is exempt from making the wrong decision every now and again, by developing the skill, you increase your chances of making the right ones. There are many factors that influence the decisions you make which include environmental factors, your friends, as well as your experiences. You should know, however, that there are ways for you to improve your decision-making skills. You will find a few that you may find useful below.

Look at it From Different Perspectives

When trying to improve your decision-making skills, you should practice looking at things from different perspectives. One way to help you do this is by spending enough time looking at the problem from different perspectives before jumping to look for a solution. Sometimes, this might also mean asking someone else so that they can give you a fresh perspective on the matter. Also, consider surrounding yourself with various types of people. When you surround yourself with a mix of different people, it’s more likely that you’ll be able to make a balanced decision as opposed to a bias one. However, when you limit yourself to spending time with and listening to the same types of people, you’re less likely to think beyond that level.

Understand How You Think

Another key to making better decisions is understanding the way that you think. You should look over past decisions you made and ask yourself how, why, and what influenced those decisions as well as your thought process at the time. Doing this could give you an indication regarding how to change your thought process in some ways to improve the decisions you make. Additionally, you could try a psychometric assessment like HBDI which can show you how you prefer to think. This should help you see if the areas you avoid thinking about are affecting your decision-making and causing you to make poor choices.  Studies show that we often make decisions based on the mistakes we make. Overall, try and take more time to put deep thought into your decisions before making them and always understand your choice as well as weight out the possible outcomes.

Know Your Objectives

In order to make better decisions, it’s important that you know what your objectives are. This means that you should have thought about what you hope the outcome of your decision will be. If, for instance, you have to choose between two job offers, you should think about what your ideal job looks like and use that to help guide your decision. In the same light, you should also think about what the worst-case scenario is for you so that you know what outcomes you would like to avoid. You should note, however, that even if you know your objectives, science shows that humans tend to be irrational when making decisions as most of the time, your intuitive mind is in control. It might therefore be worth stopping and reconsidering before making a final decision.

There is a high probability that you’ve made your fair share of decisions that may not have turned out the way you wanted. However, often it takes a few wrong decisions for you to teach yourself how to make better decisions. You should try not to let the fear of bad decisions keep you from making a decision at all because there’s still the chance that it could be a great one.

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