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Portafina Strive For More Awareness on Diabetes

Portafina, a Kent based pension company, are leading the fight to bring more awareness to diabetes, as well as raising funds for research into treatments.

Diabetes is estimated to affect over four million people in the UK, including those who are not yet diagnosed. It is a topic that is close to home for Portafina’s managing director, Jamie Smith-Thompson, as his daughter has type one diabetes. Mr. Smith Thompson has experienced how detrimental to health diabetes can be, so that is why he is passionately supporting the cause.

Portafina have joined with JDRF, the world leading funder into diabetes research. They are confident that new treatments will bring breakthroughs that will lead to a cure. To bring that day closer, however, more funding is needed.

Portafina are a growing company that is using its status to put a spotlight on this issue. Mr. Smith Thompson and his staff have set up fundraising events to help raise awareness and funds, and have just completed the Portafina Ride to Cure Diabetes 2018 cycling event. Now, they are asking for help from internet communities to help spread the message even more.

Diabetes is a chronic illness that is defined by two types, and both are to do with insulin levels in the body. Type one diabetes usually begins in childhood, and it is where the pancreas does not produce any, or only a small amount of, insulin. This is the rarer form on diabetes, yet over 20,000 children under the age of fifteen in the UK are affected.

Type two diabetes is where the insulin that is produced is not used efficiently by the body, and this type of diabetes usually appears in adulthood. Management includes sticking to a healthy lifestyle such as eating the right foods and taking more exercise.

Insulin is key to allowing glucose to enter the cells, where it is used as fuel. When it is prevented from entering, either because there is not enough or it is not being used correctly, then it leads to high levels of glucose in the blood and causes serious health complications.

It is thought that one in seventeen people will be diagnosed with a form of diabetes, so Portafina are asking for your help to reduce this number. If you are interested in supporting the cause in any way you can, such as fundraising ideas or donations, please get in touch via their Facebook page or other social media pages. Donations are still open on their Just Giving page, and more information about Portafina’s efforts can be found there.

You can also help by sharing Portafina’s campaign on your social media, and help bring more awareness to this debilitating condition. Whether you are an individual, a team of employees or a business owner, there is something you can do to help. It is when people pull together that great things happen, and Portafina want you to be part of it.

Join the fight to find a cure for diabetes, and one day we will see an end to this condition for good. For more information connect with Portafina via Twitter and follow @Portafina UK or check out the Portafina Linked In page, or Portafina Youtube account for the latest developments.

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