People from Around Kent Who Broke Out in Interesting Jobs

The residents of Kent County have every reason to be proud of their rich and long history. No shortage of famous personalities exists from the area who helped shape this history in some capacity and influenced various industries, fields and other aspects of human activity. Although many of those present significant contributions, some of them might be considered somewhat cooler than others.

Photo by SolarScott, CC BY 2.0

To mention all the Kent folks who made it in the United Kingdom or even beyond would not be an easy nor quick task to do. You can have your pick from the list of:

  • Renowned writers and poets
  • Successful businesspersons and entrepreneurs
  • Representatives of arts and entertainment
  • Photographers, illustrators, publicists and journalists
  • Clergymen and priests
  • Politicians
  • Historical figures with early mentions going back to the early Middle Ages
  • Celebrities, TV shows hosts, presenters and participants

Below there are some of the outlined names of interesting people. Naturally, the choice is a subjective one, as there is more than one way to think about something being interesting or not, just like the definition of cool may vary from one person to the next. It all depends on who you ask.

If you ask enough people, however, you may conclude that one of the coolest things to do in life is being a successful musician or performer. Not everyone can come close to living this dream, perhaps that is why we love so much the ones that do. Surprisingly, many talented people began their life and show business career in Kent. Perhaps there is a good chance you have heard about some of the crowd favourites like Joss Stone, Peter Frampton or Kate Bush? Besides that, Noel Redding played bass for The Jimi Hendrix Experience. Guy Fletcher rocked the keyboard for Dire Straits and keyboardist Andrew Giddings did similar for Jethro Tull. Shane MacGowan was a singer and source of ideas for The Pogues, and Bill Bruford played drums in the band Yes. Then there were the (in)famous Sid Vicious (or Simon John Ritchie if you want to be exact), the Sex Pistols frontman, Justin Chancellor (Tool), Richard Hughes (Keane). John Richard Baldwin, most widely known as John Paul Jones, was also born in an area historically associated with Kent: Sidcup. Every decent rock enthusiast remembers his work as a bassist and keyboardist for the amazing hard rock group Led Zeppelin. Bill Wyman and Dick Taylor (both bass players) were involved at different periods with the legendary band by the name of The Rolling Stones. Speaking of which, two distinguished gentlemen from Dartford are undoubtedly the most recognizable names on any list: Keith Richards and Mick Jagger.

Another dream job to have is that of a professional athlete, which apart from the physical gift, requires a significant amount of hard work and determination. Kent County produced a fair share of suchlike sporting talents. Among the number of cricketers, rugbyists and footballers such as current Manchester United defender Chris Smalling, there are many sportspersons in various disciplines and with praiseworthy accomplishments. A motorcycle racer (Bill Ivy), sailing gold medallist (Sarah Ayton), professional wrestler (Zack Sabre Jr.), first Wimbledon winner (Spencer Gore) and the lad who single-handedly sailed across the world (Alec Rose). On top of that, from the small village in Maidstone comes another success story in an unusual but fast-growing discipline: poker. Liv Boeree — who is associated with PokerStars and usually scores high in popularity rankings — gained money and fame in this exciting discipline; a field dominated by men, but not limited to one gender.

Photo by Gene Bromberg, CC BY-SA 2.04

Finally, we couldn’t forget to mention some of the most prominent names from the world of showbusiness. Naming them all would take too long, but rest assured, you have seen them around. Rochester’s own Kelly Brook, for one, has done it all: acting on a small and big screen, establishing a presence on the theatre stage and parading across the catwalk. Then there are the actors who include the beautiful Gemma Arterton (Gravesend), the handsome Orlando Bloom (Canterbury), character actor Mackenzie Crook (Maidstone), the gifted Naomi Watts (Shoreham) and Academy Award winner for Spielberg’s ‘Bridge of Spies’ Mark Rylance (Ashford). The list could go on.

Photo by Garry Knight, CC BY 2.0

There should be little doubt about the concentration of talent in Kent county, especially as it relates to the cool factor. What’s great about the area is that people of Kent believe in themselves and in fulfilling even the most daring dreams. As long as they continue being passionate about what they do, that is all that matters the most.

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