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13 Jan 2018

What to Expect When You are in Toronto

Toronto is the largest city in Canada and fourth-largest city in North America. Its population was recorded at 2,731,571 in 2016, making it the most populated city in Canada. Every year, millions of visitors

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10 Jan 2018

MINDGAME By Anthony Horowitz: UK Tour 2018

“A CRACKING THRILLER WITH HINTS AND AMBIGUITIES, TWISTS AND TURNS FROM ONE END TO THE OTHER…GO OUT AND SEE IT.” Nottingham Post Mindgame is a mind bending psychological thriller from the pen

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09 Jan 2018

How to choose a bean-to-cup coffee machine

Bean-to-cup coffee machines are devices that meet certain criteria: they are capable of grinding the beans, pumping water till it reaches desired temperature, and brewing coffee using the required amount of hot

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08 Jan 2018

Creative Classes at The Marlowe

THE NEW Year sees a new term of creative classes at The Marlowe Kit, Canterbury’s newest arts venue. The Stour Street building has been home to the classes since September, and while

05 Jan 2018

Home Improvements That Can Add Value to Your House

Do you want to work your way up the property ladder? If so, you must look for ways to increase the value of your current home so that you can maximise the

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04 Jan 2018

Tips on Using Settlement Agreement to Resolve an Employment Issue

Facing an employment issue is not something you want to experience. Unfortunately, even in today’s business climate, there are still circumstances where you might disagree with your current employer. In these circumstances,

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04 Jan 2018

How To Defend Yourself In A Criminal Court

If you or a loved one has been accused of conspiracy, whether involving theft, drugs or something as serious as murder, you need help to defend yourself properly and effectively. This can

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04 Jan 2018

Carbs Are Not The Enemy!

January is typically the time many of us turn our attention to what we’re eating, in a bid to lose weight, tone up and increase our overall health and wellbeing. Each year

The.Barnyard (1)
03 Jan 2018

Brand New Wedding Packages to Be Unveiled at Penshurst Place and Gardens’ Open Day this January

Brides and grooms-to-be are invited to reserve their place at award-winning Penshurst Place’s Wedding Open Day. From 10am to 3pm, on Saturday 13th January, couples will be able to discover just what