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Medway’s newest business club – with a professor at the helm

A business club is making a comeback in Medway with psychology as the focus.

Led by Professor Philip Corr from City University, the group will be different to others, aiming to give people a psychological slant, enabling them to run their businesses with help from an academic expert.

The group is the brainchild of Professor Corr and his wife Margaret Wilson, owner of Tolgate Coffee in Strood, the group’s sponsor. She opened the coffee shop last August and will share with the group her business journey and top tips to help others to realise their entrepreneurial dreams. Philip will give a talk on the psychology of business, giving some great top-tips for business owners to take away and put into practice, such as how to beat stress.

There will also be the chance to network with other businesses, plus a skills offered / wanted board to help match up businesses to each other.

Medway Business Club was originally launched at the same time as the coffee shop but both Philip and Margaret became busy with the new venture and the group petered off. But now there is a new team in place ensuring the group is run well and that members are looked after and kept in touch.

The re-launch will be on Friday 21st September at Avenue Tennis, Gillingham from noon – 2pm. To pre-register, visit Eventbrite, searching ‘Medway Business Club’ or click here:

The meeting is £10 for the first one, then £20 thereafter unless you join as a member, paying an annual fee and half price at future meetings. Members will receive exclusive discounts organised by the Club, plus as members join, they will also be offering discounts and benefits to other members. A group Facebook page will also be available for members to contact each other and keep the conversations going in-between the meetings which will run every other month on the last Friday.

All details of membership are on the Medway Business Club website:

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