Look After Your Lips

As we begin to emerge from the chilliest months of the year, the depths of winter will have no doubt left lips looking cracked, chapped and generally unloved. Cold air, chilling winds and dry heat indoors are just some of the bugbears that are sure to have ruined pouts, but this damage can be easily rectified by following some simple tips and tricks.


Top Lip Tips 

Invest in a nourishing lipstick

Although matte lipsticks are all the rage at the minute, nothing can be worse for accentuating chapped lips as these formulas cling to every crack and dry spot. Instead, invest in a moisturising, glossy lipstick that provides nourishment and care as well as a dash of striking colour.

Keep hydrated

Quite often, dry, flaky lips are simply a result of dehydration. Increase your fluid intake with water, coconut water or herbal teas to give your lips a year-round boost.

Exfoliate your lips

Invest in a quality lip scrub and use it once or twice a week to remove dry, dead or chapped skin cells from your lips. Many lip scrubs have a range of fruity flavours, so will taste delicious too. Otherwise, simply mix honey and brown sugar for a tasty, natural exfoliator. After exfoliating, your lips will look fresh and smooth.

Apply lip balm before you go to bed

Slathering your lips with a generous coat of your favourite lip balm or a nourishing oil such as olive oil, almond oil, or coconut oil before you go to sleep is a great way to moisturise and protect your lips.

Treat cracked lips right away

Don’t think you can simply leave them to get better on their own, as they will usually get worse and cracked lips can possibly get infected or lead to unsightly cold sores. There are some great creams and balms on the high street that will soothe cracked lips and help to heal raw, broken skin.

Next Step: Plump Your Lips to Perfection with the PMD® Kiss!                                                   

This year’s must-have lip gadget, the PMD Kiss is a clever and easy-to-use lip-plumping treatment. It uses pulsating vacuum technology and specially formulated serum to create fuller lip volume and restore youthfulness to lips. With daily use, the PMD Kiss helps boost collagens and create long-lasting plumped-up results. 

Plumping gloss sounds great and gives lips a lovely tingle, but we’ve yet to find one that’s hugely effective. The PMD Kiss, however, safely plumps lips in three minutes with results lasting between three to five hours.

A nifty, palm-sized device that you place directly onto your lips in six different places and allow to pulse 15-20 times on each section, it increases blood flow to the lips while enhancing natural collagen production resulting in a more pronounced pout. The gadget, which costs a reasonable £125 and has already taken the US by storm, also comes with specially formulated Smart Lip Plumping Serum (developed using beauty wonder-product hyaluronic acid) to use once with each treatment.

For long-lasting results, it’s recommended to use the PMD Kiss daily for four to six weeks – the vacuum action of the gadget will boost collagen production, filling in lines and creating long-lasting natural results – grab one now at www.currentbody.com and kiss goodbye to fine lines and wrinkles around your mouth.


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