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There are some gifted people on our planet to whom nature gave not just one talent, but several. Their uniqueness becomes even more stunning when these diverse talents happen to belong completely different fields. Who are these people? How does their career usually develop?

Let’s take a look at a particular example; Liv Boeree. She is a young British celebrity, whose nickname ‘Iron Maiden’ rings a bell nowadays not only in music circles but also the mass media of the UK.


This 32 year-old woman, born in  Maidstone, Kent, represents a jackpot combination of sharp intellect, genuine beauty, artistic skills, a passionate nature and cleverness. How did she apply her diverse interests to become who she is now?

First of all, Liv has always had a noticeable scientific vein from childhood. On her blog, she confesses that maths and science were her preferred subjects at school – that is why she chose to study physics with astrophysics at the University of Manchester.  Liv had excellent results and during her time at university she wrote a paper on gravitational waves.

Despite her serious attitude towards studies, Liv was far from looking or behaving like a nerdy or bluestocking-girl. Her parents brought out an affection for sports in her. She has always been a very active, sporty child and even used to participate in local horse riding competitions.

In her teens, Liv found her next serious passion –  music. It was not just some kind of tranquil, classical genre, but rebellious heavy metal! This is why she has the nickname ‘Iron Maiden’ – a tribute to one of her favourite bands  and a reminder that she is a keen guitar player on her own.  Liv used to perform as lead guitar in local band ‘Dissonance’ while she was studying at the university, and even now enjoys the hobby. She has five electric guitars in her home collection and records covers of legendary hits!

So, besides the scientific career, Liv had also a good chance to become a professional musician. But destiny exposed her to another passion which made her famous worldwide in an absolutely unexpected field.

This girl, besides her good looks and smart and creative mind also had an adventurous vein. In 2005 she moved to London with the intention to do a master’s degree and proceed with her academic career, but whilst there she applied for a reality TV show, without even knowing what it was about. The organizers posted a vague advert that mentioned teaching the participants how ‘to use  powers of skill and deception to win £100,000’. Liv was selected as a participant for that mysterious project, which, in the end, turned to be called The Ultimate Poker Showdown on Channel 5, aimed to expose the total novices to the game of poker! This is how Liv discovered her new talent. After the show, where she, of course, was one of the best, Liv kept on mastering her game skills and ended up as an absolute professional. Liv’s first big international success in this field was when she won the Ladbrokes European Ladies Championship in 2008. And in 2010 she won the European Poker Tour in San Remo with a prize of €1,250,000, which made her a true legend and one of the most famous contemporary female poker players. According to PokerStars, Liv Boeree is the third woman in history to win this grand tournament.

Apart from her love for poker, science and music, Liv also has an altruistic streak. She is co-founder of a special fund, Raising for Effective Giving, which aims to educate poker players and incites them to invest in charity. After her success in the professional poker arena, Liv has received numerous offers from the media. She was invited as reporter and actress for several TV projects and series, mostly related to the games (‘Mind Control Freaks’, ‘I Bet My Life’), and even had a photo session as a model for the UK’s edition of Maxim magazine!

Liv Boeree has many talents, and can play well at least three unrelated things at once: a guitar, TV roles and poker!

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