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Is Your Home Airbnb Ready?

Renting out your home to tourists and holidaymakers is a great way to earn some extra cash. Launched in 2009, Airbnb is now the go-to accommodation supplier for over six million people a year, with a massive 800,000 properties on offer in 90 countries across the globe. No matter what kind of space you have to offer, you can list it on the site in full control of the prices and availability. Rent out your entire home or just a spare room, the choice is yours.

There are around 14,000 new hosts that sign up to Airbnb every month, with the average earning $924 (around £725) per month. Sound appealing? Here are some top tips for making your home Airbnb ready.

Decide on your Home Rules

Before listing your home and inviting holidaymakers to stay, you must consider any house rules you want your guests to adhere to. Think about:

  • Areas you want to make off-limits, such as your loft, your cellar or a room where your personal documents are stored.
  • Where you want people to eat. If you have particularly expensive furniture or rugs in your living room, you may not want visitors to eat in there.
  • One of the biggest bugbears for a lot of hosts. Is smoking strictly prohibited inside your home?
  • Pets and animals. Are visitors allowed to bring pets to your home?
  • Are you happy for people to have gatherings in your home? If so, set some ground rules. Let visitors know if they need to be quiet by a certain time.

Undertake Necessary Home Improvements

You may want to update your décor or undertake some home improvements before you list your property, to make sure you appeal to tourists. The key with this is to not get carried away and set a realistic budget. Plan how you will fund any home improvements before you get started to avoid overspending.

For example, if your home is open-plan you may want to improve privacy by putting up a screening wall. Or you may simply just want to redecorate – a fresh lick of paint can make a massive difference to an interior space. Go for a neutral colour scheme to appeal to the mass market with pops of colour to make it look inviting.

Write Exciting Descriptions and Take Flattering Photos

The first thing most holidaymakers do when picking their accommodation is flick through photos. Make sure you take photos of your home that show it off. Take them on a light and bright day (avoid taking them at night!) with all your curtains and blinds open. Make sure it is clean and tidy and use angles which accurately represent the size of the space.

It’s also important to write exciting descriptions that will make visitors want to stay. Use fun descriptive language and highlight all the positives about your space, such as size, location and amenities.

Use these top tips to make your home Airbnb ready. Just think of all that extra cash you could be earning!

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