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Interior Design: How to Make a Bigger Impact with a Smaller Budget

We’ve all seen the interior design shows on TV, where people with slightly bigger budgets than you have make a mess of their housing project in front of the whole country, making you anxious to start any big tasks. Don’t worry, the key to interior design is to plan everything out beforehand and stick to it – don’t make a grand start and then compromise your way to finishing as quickly as possible. If you do a reasonable amount of research beforehand then you should be able to avoid any major catastrophes, and if you stick to your plan, then you won’t end up with a mismatching, expensive mess that was nothing like your original idea. You may feel like your home hasn’t changed in years, and with a little effort and a small budget, you can give the place a complete makeover that will leave you with your hands on your hips and a satisfied smile as you look over your work.

In many cases, this is going to be a fairly long-term project, and this highlights the importance of planning it out thoroughly. If you start in a hurry, without thinking everything through, then you’ll lose sight of the vision you’ve created. Deliberate, and put your ideas on paper. Create mood boards so your wants don’t sway. Here’s how to make a bigger impact with a small budget.

Change the Style


Don’t worry about the intricacies of your home for the moment, like the furniture and the colour of the walls. Instead, try to look at the structure of the rooms, picturing an empty house. The first thing you need to decide on is the broad style that will best suit your home. At this stage, the big decision is: does your home suit minimalism or a more maximal approach? If your rooms have high ceilings, wooden floors and that cold, clean feeling to them, then you should consider basing your design on a minimalist style. This means getting rid of as much clutter as you physically can, and painting the room in light, natural colours. However, if you have low ceilings, thick carpet and lots of features everywhere you look, like room nooks, a fireplace and almost antique-looking radiators and pipes. You should opt to make the most of that warm and comfortable ambiance with a style that draws attention to itself.

Change the Theme

Once you’ve got your broad style, you’ll want to get more specific. For example, minimalism can work brilliant with either a Buddhist-esque, antiquated look or an ultra-modern design. Much of this will depend on both your preferences and what your house gives you to work with, but the more decisive you are now, the more co-ordinated the finished project will look. Themes that work well with a more maximal style are bohemian or farmhouse themes. If you’re trying to create a minimalist style with an ultra-modern theme then you’ll need lots of neat storage solutions that give your home that completely clutter-free look without throwing away everything you own. Though, with the latest technological innovations, you should have a huge choice of draws that seem to slide out of nowhere and cupboards that are concealed when closed.

Change the Accessories


Once you have an idea of the general style and specific theme you want your home to take, you’ll need to find accessories that bring out these ideas. At this point, it’s essential that you don’t try to cram too many ideas into one project, or else none of your approaches will work out fully. However, one exception to this rule is when you opt for a maximal style with a bohemian theme. The only danger with this combination is that it might be difficult to find organisational systems that work among a cluttered approach, never mind finding tranquillity. However, there are some extraordinary examples of this combination working out brilliantly. The trick is to coordinate the incoordination inherent in the design – so, if you’re going to fill up the walls with pictures, then they should be thematically linked with the ornaments in the room. If you use feathers to decorate, then avian-related artwork or ornaments would do the trick, and you could even use cloud-like bed draping.

Change the Structure

You aren’t completely at the mercy of the existing structure of your home when choosing a style or theme, though the structural changes you do make should be consistent with the design ideas applied elsewhere in the house. For example, if your minimalist attempt looks cold and empty, then why not fill the room with natural light? Cheap roof windows could be what you need for your upstairs rooms, to give your rooms that relaxing and cleansing edge. You could also give yourself more space by having a wall knocked through, or even by having an extension or conservatory built. Another approach, if you have a modern theme, could be to add a feature wall into the room that isn’t coming together, which can be painted a slightly louder colour or pattern.

Change the Outside


Many people are dissatisfied with what their garden offers them, but there’s a lot you can do to change it without spending any money at all. Firstly, you can make a big change to your lawn simply by mowing more regularly, and mowing in alternate directions for a stripe effect. Then, you should redefine the edges of any flowerbeds and reduce the amount of maintenance by coving the topsoil with gravel, slowing down any weeds. When that’s done, it’s time to think about creating a seating area in your garden. You can increase the size of a paved area – or, if you have enough space but it always looks stained, then you should take you time cleaning the paving stones.

In the garden, it’s all the details that count. You could get new garden furniture that further emphasises the themes you’ve tried to bring to life within the house, and you can do a lot with these designs outside. For example, you could dig out a small rock garden to complement a minimalist style inside, and the best part is, you should be able to do all of this without paying for a landscaper to come in.

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