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How to Support Someone After an Accident

An accident can not only take its toll on the victim, but on their loved ones too. Family members or friends might not know how to support the victim when they need their help the most. If you want to be there for a victim through thick and thin, read our helpful advice on how to support someone after an accident.

Transport Them to Appointments

Those who have experienced a serious injury might need physical or emotional support when attending appointments. Whether they need to make a medical appointment or meet with personal injury solicitors like Garratts Solicitors, you can show your support by simply transporting them to and from the destinations. Sometimes your presence is enough to make a person feel emotionally supported, which could give them the confidence to seek medical help or make a compensation claim.

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Be a Shoulder to Cry On

Your loved one is bound to feel a mixture of emotions following an accident. As a result, they might want to talk to someone to discuss how they’re feeling. Reassure your friend or family member that you’re always there to lend a shoulder to cry on. However, try not to tell them how they should feel and instead simply listen to them. Try to remain compassionate during their road to recovery, and become a forum that allows them to complain, vent or cry with no judgement. You can guarantee they will be glad to have your support.

Track Their Important Documents

It’s important your friend focuses solely on their recovery. Yet, there might be numerous documents that need to be arranged following an accident, such as insurance paperwork, medical documents and compensation claims. If you want to be helpful, keep track of all your loved one’s documents. For instance, you could place the paperwork in a folder and highlight the most important documents with colourful sticky notes.

Offer Advice

Your friend might not know what day it is during the recovery period, so it’s easy for them to forget about essential medical appointments. For example, you could remind your loved one to attend an appointment. Also, mark their calendars with key dates so they won’t miss anything important to their recovery.


Feed Your Friend

It’s essential your friend keeps his or her strength up after an accident, so they can quickly get back on their feet. So, keep them well fed by cooking them a delicious home-cooked meal or ordering them a pizza. It’s also a great way to show your support to their family, as you can provide them all with meals so they can focus on caring for their partner or parent. You can guarantee the thoughtful act will be much-appreciated by your friend and their loved ones.

It’s hard to know what to do or say when a loved one has experienced a serious accident. Yet, simply being there during the hard times is often all that is needed to show how much you love your friend or family member, while providing him or her with the support they need to move on from the traumatic event.

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