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How to Make Your Office More Ethical

Many companies are on the quest to become an ethical, sustainable and environmentally friendly business. However, some companies are unsure how or where to start. Depending on your industry, there are many ways for a business to improve their sustainability; they just have to find the biggest issues and research solutions on how best to tackle them. Once you understand the major flaws, you can begin to improve your business. Whether it’s industry specific or generic, it doesn’t matter. Also, if you’re still unsure where to start, here are the best ways to improve your office and make it more ethical.


Know Your Supply Chain

It’s easy for an employer to become engrossed in multiple jobs, and so it’s easier for certain procedures to pass unchecked or become forgotten. If your company produces products, then you need to make it your duty to understand how and where your product is made, as well as the materials used. By checking, you may find out your company has been using harmful resources. Once you know what’s unethical, you can swap out the harmful materials for sustainable alternatives.

Recycle (or Go Paperless)

We live in a digital age, where most documents or information is stored electronically and kept safe in the cloud. There’s little point in printing or writing on paper nowadays, and if you do need paper, then opt for recycled paper or ensure your paper is recycled after use.

Ethically Sourced Coffee


There are many types of coffee, and some will create a large carbon footprint due to transportation. It can also be unethical due to the labour used to source the beans. Therefore, swap out the bad and replace it with the good. Double check labels, and research companies you can use instead. For example, Office Coffee use hand roasted and organic coffee beans which have been ethically sourced.

Replace Cleaning Products

You may not clean your office, however, that doesn’t mean you can’t ask what products the cleaners use. Once you know, you can replace any harmful chemicals with those that are chemical free. Not only is this great for the environment, but it is also better for the health of your employees.

Internalise Ethical Behaviour


You, the employer, need to lead by example. You cannot preach about recycling of you do not follow through and do so yourself. Becoming a hypocrite will lessen your reputation and irritate your employees. They will not respect you, and it could produce bigger problems such as morale and productivity.

Do Sacrifice Profit for Ethics

Becoming more ethical may cost you more money, however, it is not such an amount that will lead to bankruptcy. In the end, such investments like solar panels and higher-quality products can make an impressive ROI, and end up saving you money. Although you shouldn’t spend all your money becoming ethical, you should not sacrifice ethics for profit. In the end, your company needs to do the right thing and do its part for the environment.

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