How to Keep Up With Your Hobbies When Life Takes Over

Hobbies bring us joy and enrich our lives in numerous ways. Studies have even show that leisure activities that don’t involve work or household tasks can help to improve cognitive function, encourage patience, and help us acquire new skills. That said, we are an increasingly busy species. Most of us spend our days torn between work commitments and family life, leaving little space for our own pursuits.

With the New Year behind us, it’s time to remind ourselves of the importance of hobbies and find ways to prioritise them in everyday life. If life frequently prevents you from pursuing your passions, here are four ideas to help you redress the balance.

Create More Time


Sometimes the only way to fit everything you want to do into your day is to create more time. We all wish there were more hours in the day, but the truth is that there can be, as long as you’re willing to make a few sacrifices and be smarter with your time. Could you get up earlier, for example, or dedicate an hour each evening to your pastime? This may involve declining social events once in a while, but sometimes you need to say no to other people in order to say yes to yourself.

Set a Schedule

The only way to create more time in your day is to set yourself a schedule. Firstly, you need to work out what your daily commitments are (i.e. work, childcare etc.) and plan around them. If you’re self-employed or you set your own schedule, examine your habits to determine what your best time to work is. If you’re more productive in the mornings, you could wake up early to work and free up your afternoon for hobbies, or vice versa if you work better in the evening.

Wake Up Early


Those of us who abide by the traditional workday usually have the best intentions of dedicating our evenings to our hobbies. The problem is, after a full day’s work it’s difficult to drag yourself to that yoga class or pick up that novel. It’s far better to go to bed early and wake up an hour or two before your alarm so you can start your day with something you love while you still have the energy.

Maximise Breaks

Rather than sitting around the office or scrolling social media on your phone, why not take your hobby to work with you and maximise your break times? If knitting is your hobby, for example, you can take your needles and yarn anywhere – you can even knit when you’re stuck in traffic or on the tube. If you want to keep up with the latest football updates, you can bookmark the Unibet football blog on your phone, so you can access it whenever you have a spare five minutes. The same applies to that book you want to finish or sketch that needs completing. The work-break-approach works for almost any hobby or interest, so it’s easier than you might think to incorporate into your schedule.

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