How to Host the Most Fashionable Christmas

It’s finally arrived: the Christmas where you are the host. All your friends and family and making their final arrangements to come to your house for the holiday, and there’s a lot more planning to be done. Playing host on the biggest day of the year can be a daunting task as you want your guests to have a fun and festive time. If there is any time of year to splash out and indulge your loved ones, it’s Christmas. It’s the time to bring those you love most dearly together, and celebrate another roller coaster of a year, catch up on the latest gossip, and look forward to what is to come. By thinking outside the box, you can create a unique Christmas day, with all the magic of the holidays packed into the festivities and, perhaps most importantly, you can do it in style. With a few helpful pointers, you can create a luxurious, fashionable Yuletide that will have the guests talking for years to come. 


The Invitations 

The first step to hosting an unforgettable Christmas is to make sure all your favourite people are there and the easiest, most efficient way of doing this is to send everyone a Christmas card that officially invites them. It is all too easy to send an e-mail or text message asking them to join you for Christmas celebrations, but why not design your own Christmas cards instead? This option means you can craft a personalised invite that will capture the essence of Christmas: include photos from Christmas past, or share a longstanding family joke. By tailor making your cards, you will be setting the tone of what your Christmas will be like, be it festive and fun, modern and chic, or traditional and homely, these cards will make your loved ones be begging for you to host Christmas every year. 

The Decorations 

When people first enter your home, you want them to experience a warm, winter wonderland, so you obviously will want to choose decorations that are inviting, seasonal and highly stylish. These will support your vision of Christmas.

You want your guests to be excited from the moment they arrive at your house, and a fabulous way to do this is to embrace tradition and hang a beautiful wreath on your front door. Remember, a traditionally done Christmas doesn’t have to mean boring. Go online and have a look at some luxury wreaths that will be in keeping with your interior’s décor, as well as being stylish. By indulging in a handsome wreath, you’ll get the festivities off to a great start.


The centrepiece of any Christmas is, of course, the magnificent Christmas tree. Whether you are a die-hard traditionalist and have invested in a real evergreen tree, or you have splashed out on a beautiful artificial one, there are many ways to make it look spectacular. The secret lies in the decorations. Instead of popping down to the local shop and buying some plastic baubles and tinsel that gets stuck in your carpet, treat yourself to some truly beautiful tree ornaments. These can be used year after year, so they really are worth the extra money. They can add an extra touch of class to your home this season. 

The Big Dinner 

The meal laid out on Christmas day is something we look forward to all year long, so you want to make sure it is a real show stopper. A great way to guarantee your guests’ taste buds are tingling is to do a little bit of research. Firstly, ask your friends and loved ones to tell you their favourite Christmas dish, but try to find out subtly – you do not want to disappoint anyone, but it will give you a good idea of the majority’s favourites to include in the meal.


The next task is to make it your own. Why not take a lazy Sunday afternoon to watch some cooking programs specifically about the big day to gain some inspiration? Make a few simple notes about that sumptuous pudding Nigella has created, or the best way to cook a roast from Jamie Oliver, then put your own, individual twist on it. This will ensure your dinner is one to remember and get everyone’s mouths watering. A plus to doing this little bit of research is that you won’t be rushing around the supermarket on Christmas Eve trying to desperately envisage what every aunt, uncle, and friend will want.

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