How to Have a Very Merry Kent Christmas Holiday

Christmas is a magical time for everyone, and in Kent, you are sure to have plenty of traditions and beautiful markets to fill your days up with merry fun. Of course, that is assuming you don’t let the stress of the season get to you. Trying to juggle work, merriment, and Christmas shopping can take its toll on how well you enjoy the season, but it doesn’t have to. In an area like Kent there are so many beautiful places to go and things to do, so to enjoy this Christmas like you have never before, follow these tips:

Try to Disconnect

Social media is getting a lot of bad press nowadays, and in many cases, it is for a good reason. If you personally have a hard time using it, and are either spending far too many hours scrolling through feeds or feel bad about yourself afterwards it is time to disconnect. You don’t need to share what you do over the holidays. You don’t need to see what others are doing. Instead, try to enjoy the moment.

Make Traditions That Make You Feel Warm

In Kent there are so many fun things to do during the holidays. So, pick your favourites and call up your friends or family to organise a day or night out:

Go Ice Skating in Dover

Dover has an incredible castle, some beautiful cliff sides, and of course a notable ice rink to enjoy skating on. If you aren’t near Dover then don’t worry, as there are plenty of great ice skating opportunities throughout Kent, and, if you fancy the trek up to London, many great options there as well.

Visit Any of Kent’s Greatest Christmas Markets

We have Christmas markets galore here, so round up your merry band of friends and peruse through pleasant stalls. Eat great food, have a nice cup of hot chocolate, and of course, pick up some unique Christmas gifts while you are at it.

Experience Christmas in a Castle

The UK is renowned for castles, and in Kent, you are in for a true treat. Castle Dover – a hugely significant location during WW2, is holding a special WW2 Christmas festival this year. Go enjoy tradition at its best and surround yourself with history in this grand location. 

Add a Touch of Thrill

Christmas is the season of hope and miracles, so add a bit more thrill to it by chancing your luck on the lottery. You can pool together your money and do it with your family or co-workers, or you can just get an extra ticket for yourself. Play EuroMillions online, and check on the day. Who knows, your Christmas gift this year could be a big one!

Eat Well and Healthy

Finally, remember to indulge in the food and drink this year, but to be careful about your health. No, you don’t need to diet during the holidays, but remember to get the necessary vitamins and stay hydrated. You want to have energy to enjoy the season. 

We need to reclaim Christmas for ourselves, no matter what that might mean to you. Perhaps you find it enjoyable to go to all the Christmas markets, or perhaps you like to slow down and cuddle up next to a wood log fire. Whatever your Christmas tradition, stick with it and bring along as many friends and family as you can.

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