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How to Expand Your Local Business Globally in Five Easy Steps

Global expansion is the best way to tap into a multi-trillion-pound market. It is how you can sell to your demographic in a wide range of countries, and thus expand your reputation, sales, and reach. You should not do this without the right system in place first, however. Selling online is great, but once you make that sale, you need to be able to effectively exchange the currency and ship the product. If you aren’t careful, shipping internationally can become more expensive than it is worthwhile. Instead of wasting this opportunity, follow these five steps so that you can expand your store today.

1.   Prepare Your Company to Upscale

The first step to expanding your company globally is to upscale your operations and your data management. In most cases, you will need to set up partnerships with local shipping companies so that you can ensure fast delivery for international customers, rather than pay for individual packages to be shipped overseas. The more you expand like this, the more you will need to have your data digitized, in the cloud, and working for you.

2.   Choose The Right Platform for You

With the looming uncertainty of Brexit, many UK based companies are unsure of their futures. Thankfully, with online stores, you can roll with the punches when it comes to any changes. The right international ecommerce platform will allow you to customise several steps of the checkout process, allowing you to integrate the proper taxes and shipping policies for your global customer base.

3.   Create Your Ecommerce Strategy

Setting up an ecommerce should never be done without a strategy. By planning and accounting for your competition and how to appeal to your customer base, you can successfully introduce your brand and product into international markets. Here is a short video to help you understand the basics of strategic ecommerce building.

4.   Set Up Your Online Store

Once you developed a strategy and better know how you plan to succeed online, you can then set up the store itself. Choosing a specially designed international platform builder will save you a lot of headache going in. You can select the right theme and customise options like payment methods and categories. If your customer is American, for instance, you will want only to showcase products that can be shipped to him or her.

5.   Market, Market, Market

Marketing becomes complicated when international business comes into play. You cannot expect an advert that was a massive success in the UK to work in India, for example. Your marketing experts will then need to conduct market research and even consult specialists in each market to devise an advertising campaign that will speak to your international demographic

Expanding your business to allow for international sales is not easy, but it is the best way to tap into the trillion-pound market. The better your service and the more prevalent your brand, the sooner your company can become a true international player.

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