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How To Defend Yourself In A Criminal Court

If you or a loved one has been accused of conspiracy, whether involving theft, drugs or something as serious as murder, you need help to defend yourself properly and effectively. This can be a very stressful time and although it is hard, staying calm is one of the most important things you can do.

Your Right To Remain Silent

Being charged or accused of anything you haven’t done can be an extreme stressor and those who are innocent can still say things they regret when being accused and under such stress. Whether you are arrested and even before this, you have the right to not answer any questions. If you have no knowledge of how the justice system works and how police conduct interviews, wait until you get a lawyer or solicitor who can help you with any improper questioning.


Find A Solicitor

If you have been accused of anything, you need help defending yourself from a professional who knows about conspiracy. If you have been accused of something as serious of murder, you will need a highly skilled and qualified murder solicitor who can give you advice and represent you every step of the way. Their job is to prove your innocence and they will have the experience to do this effectively.

Do Not Accept Plea Bargains

Even innocent people may get swayed into accepting plea bargains due to the stress and worry of being found guilty. Do not feel bullied into accepting a plea bargain, as this is still admitting guilt for something you have not done. Accepting a plea bargain, although it may give you a lesser sentence, means that you will be stuck with a criminal record for the rest of your life.

Find Evidence Or Witnesses

If you are innocent, there will be some way you can prove this. Look for any evidence, however small, that proves you were not at the given place where the crime took place, or that you were busy with something else at the time. Even if you were alone, you could have a bank statement that proves you had bought something somewhere, or you may have even sent a message that can be tracked to your location. Discuss anything and everything you remember happening at the time of the alleged event with your solicitor and they will be able to help you put together a rock solid defence at the trial. Character witnesses can also be used who, based on how well they know you, can clearly state that you would not commit such a crime.


Unfortunately, there are times where criminals will try and put the blame on others to get out of a jail sentence. If this happens to you or a loved one, however hard it may be, keep your calm and get the help of a trusted professional. Do not suffer in silence and do not take a plea bargain; you are not guilty and the guilty party should not get away with it.

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