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How to create strong bonds in life and business?

Life and business are both about handling people and making them reach their maximum potential. But relationships are not that simple, what goes inside a human mind is something that cannot easily decode and yet if decoded will help in creating everlasting bonds. So what is it that can make or break the deal? What is that one quality that can make you a people’s person rather than a people pleaser? Well, if you have been struggling to manage your team or build strong and healthy relations all your life, then this blog will help you start afresh:

  • Understand then be understood: We often want to be understood and that holds true for everyone. But this is something that can be your forte. Life is simple whatever you give comes back to you in manifolds. So, next time when you interact with someone try to really understand them. When we understand others, their situation, and circumstances, we tend to strike a chord with them and they also give a lending hand and ear when you need. So, don’t just interact when you need and be there for others when they need.
  • Become an empathic listener: Best of the self-help books and forums say that there is a difference between hearing and listening. Rather than just pretending to listen or nodding absent-minded, try to listen to the person and empathize with them. Empathy is one such quality that helps people open their heart and it is the foundation for many long-lasting relations.
  • Go for group outings: It is always said that good food is the way to good relationships. Group hangouts over a cup of coffee or beer or food will bridge the gap and people will become comfortable in your company as they won’t feel intimidated but a sense of belonging will increase. Check out awesome offers and discounts on delicious food options, restaurants and cafes and get set for a marvellous time.
  • Use stick over carrot: Punishment approach is something that even teachers do not recommend for kids and here we are talking about adults. Whether it is business world or personal life of a person nobody wants to be micromanaged, strict rules and repercussions on breaking the rules, in fact, these things lead to decrease in morale, scarred relationships and hatred towards the person. Whereas carrot or rewards helps a person to work more efficiently and leads to harmony in relations.
  • Criticize but don’t hurt people: Criticism is part of life especially corporate world but if you will ruthlessly criticize people without considering their feeling, you will be considered rude and heartless. Instead, there is an approach called sandwich approach where a person is praised for his strengths and in between nudged for something that wasn’t right. This way he won’t feel demotivated and improve his performance.

To conclude, creating relations is not difficult but managing them is a task. So, one should tread on the path softly and give space to others to accept you.

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