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How To Create A Luxurious Garden In Time For Summer

As the summer months finally begin after what feels like a whole year of winter, it’s the ideal time to make sure your garden is at the top of its game, ready for relaxing sunny days and long light nights. The colder weather can cause havoc on your outside space, whether that’s your guttering becoming blocked with leaves or your lawn becoming threadbare from the constant rain. To make the most of your garden this summer, it pays to take the time to revamp it to make it into the ideal space for socialising.

Invest In A Conservatory

It may sound counterintuitive to suggest investing in a new inside space, but this can, in fact, help those long summer nights stretch on even more. While spending time in the sun during the day may be something you are looking forward to this summer, investing in a conservatory space can enhance your enjoyment of the warmer months. They give you somewhere to retreat to when the air turns cooler, but you still want to continue your evening. Choose an elegant design such as an Edwardian conservatory to truly add a touch of luxury to your home, regardless of your house size. If you’re keen to make an additional living space which you can use all year long, then Compare Companies can answer your questions and compare the market to find the best deal that works for you.

Add A Swimming Pool

If you live somewhere in the UK which sees substantial sunshine, consider adding a swimming pool to your garden. Pools are the perfect places to cool down during the heat of the day and have the added bonus of being somewhere to exercise and increasing the value on your home should you wish to sell in the future. You can alternate between swimming lengths on warm mornings to lounging on a pool inflatable during the hot afternoons. Adding a pool will make you feel as if you are on holiday every day from the comfort of your own home, and are a fun way to get the whole family active. However, be sure to invest in equipment such as easy-to-access pool ladders, lighting to see your way and a cover for when the weather gets, inevitably, colder once again.

Create A Water Feature

Water features add a peaceful element to your garden, whether they be gently running water walls or a carefully tended fish pond. By adding a water feature, it shows you are investing in making your garden one that is truly luxurious and a place to call your own ‘Oasis.’ Creating a water feature doesn’t always involve expensive costs and weeks of time-consuming renovations. In fact, you can purchases kits which you can then build yourself, such as a millstone feature. This kit includes an attractive stone, with a fountain jet, a tank with grate and Oase pump and LED lighting. On the other hand, if you wish to add a fish pond to your garden, it will take more time and money. You will also have to keep in mind that this pond will need to be maintained and the fish fed. You will also need to maintain a good pH balance and will require an area of at least 400 sqm and a depth of 1.5m. However, whichever water feature you add, it is sure to be a source of pleasure.

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