How to brighten up your working environment

You spend a lot of your life at work, so it is important that you have a comfortable environment. Whether you want to completely overhaul the entire office or you want to add a bit of life to your desk area, making a few little changes can make your working day feel a whole lot more comfortable. 

Perhaps you want to redecorate to attract tenants to rent your office space through the help of London commercial estate agents. Whatever your reason is, there can be significant benefits to spending a little time and effort in freshening up your work place.

Refresh the paintwork


It goes without saying that a new coating of paint will freshen any space up but until you do it, you don’t realize how big a difference it will make. In offices people tend to use blu-tack to stick things onto walls, leaving annoying bits of tack all over the walls. It doesn’t really set the tone for a professional office. Once any tack has been removed and a fresh coating of paint has been applied, set down a blu-tack ban. There are lots of other ways to display things on the walls.

Bring in some plants 


Even if you are not a plant lover, the effects they can produce are worth thinking about. Research shows that indoor plants have helped reduce stress levels, so if you’re in an office where tensions can often run high, or you’re constantly chasing stress-inducing deadlines, then a plant or two might help to keep you a little calmer. 

Have a clear out 


Clutter is not good for a productive environment. As well as hygiene factors and health and safety concerns, having a clean office is better for the mind. Being surrounded by junk is distracting. If your office looks like it is going to need some time to tidy up and to get things cleared out, organise a ‘spring clean’ day where everybody in the office is responsible for an hour or more or clearing and cleaning. You can even make it a bit more fun by handing out silly awards like ‘Top Hoarder’ as a gentle hint for people to stop leaving useless rubbish all over the place.

Get more natural light 


If your office constantly has the blinds closed, unless they are closed for a specific reason, try to make the most of the natural daylight. You will find that you are more productive working in natural light and you will feel generally happier. Of course, if there are lots of distractions outside your window then this could have the opposite effect, so you will have to balance out the pros and cons.

Your working environment is very important to your overall wellbeing, so don’t underestimate the power of a few small changes in your working environment. Even if it means staying behind for an hour after work, the long term benefits will make it worthwhile.

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