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How to Boost Your Brain Power

Have you ever wished you were as smart as the like of Albert Einstein or Stephen Hawking? Well, you might be pleased to learn you can actually increase your intellect through brain training!

Thanks to neuroplasticity, it is possible to change one or more areas within the brain so that you can enjoy a greater IQ. If you want to become a smarter person, find out how to boost your brain power today.

Regularly Exercise Your Brain

As your brain is a muscle, you must ensure it receives regular exercise. Trying something new could help you to do just that, as new experiences can help to stimulate your brain. It’s because it will create new neural pathways, which can reportedly increase a person’s intelligence. So, try a new recipe, attempt a new hobby, or enjoy a different form of exercise.

Indulge Your Curiosity

Rather than accepting things at face value, start asking questions when it comes to products, services, experiences, or ideologies. Doing so will force your brain to think about things from more than one perspective, which could help you to generate a new mindset, ideas, or see things in a different light.

Learn a New Skill

You’ve more than likely heard the saying “knowledge is power” and it’s true! If you want to become a smarter, more confident person, you should make 2018 the year you learn a new skill. For example, never underestimate your intelligence again by learning Chinese in London or mastering a musical instrument.

Think Positive Thoughts

Negativity will not be a helpful way to increase your brain power, as it’s believed both anxiety and stress can kill your brain’s neurons or can prevent their creation. Positive thinking can, however, speed up the generation of cells, while reducing both stress and anxiety. Therefore, you’ll be a smarter person for letting go of pessimism.

Experience Plenty of Sleep Each Night

Have you noticed how you might struggle to remember important pieces of information after a sleepless night? That’s because a lack of sleep can zap away at your brain cells.

If you want to help your body to regenerate cells and remove unwanted toxins, you need to be experiencing between seven to nine hours sleep each night, which will provide your brain with a mini detox.

Create a Healthy Brain

Everyone knows fresh fruit, vegetables and omega-3 fatty oils are essential for your general health but did you know they’re also important for a healthy brain? The brain reportedly consumes nearly a quarter of oxygen and nutrients a human body consumes, which is why you must enjoy a healthy diet to increase your brain power.

Enjoy Regular Exercise

It’s not only healthy foods that can improve your brain power. It’s believed regular physical activity can improve its function and enhance neurogenesis, so you can generate more brain cells every time you exercise. If you want to increase your intelligence, pass an exam, or flourish in your career, hit the gym, go for a run, or enjoy some cardio at home to boost your IQ.

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