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How the Cloud Can Empower Your Business

Running a business requires a vast and dynamic skill set. To be at the helm of your own enterprise requires thinking outside of the box, leadership, and impeccable organisation. However, these traits, as necessary as they are, cannot alone make a business the success it has the potential to be. In the modern world, with an increase in interconnectivity across the globe and, as a logical consequence, an increase in competition, the blossoming professional needs the right tools to prosper in the marketplace. In today’s world, it does not matter that your products or services are of a high quality unless people know and recognise them. It matters that your business becomes well known and well respected. It matters that you build a reputation and good rapport with customers. Empowering your business means to not meet but surpass your objectives and goals, constantly growing and expanding, as well as building a strong client base.

That is what empowerment of business is. The question is now, how do you achieve it?


The Right Tool

To reach these goals, you need bring together all the aspects of your business to one place. This allows for everyone on your team, be it three or three hundred, to all be on the same page.

The benefit to your business of using a cloud based software solution is that your business gets to use the wide range of Microsoft Office 365 products that promote efficiency and collaboration with the added security that important contracts, documents, and data, are backed up online and accessible from any location – as long as you have internet connection! In using cloud-based tools, you can provide a sturdy foundation from which to build up from into the dizzying heights of success. By using familiar Microsoft programmes such as Word and Excel, the cloud system will integrate smoothly into an office environment as all files will be just a click away instead of having to send them across endless email threads. The cloud allows you to focus on optimising the productivity and efficiency of your business processes.


A sure-fire way to empower both yourself and your team is to increase efficiency across all aspects of your company and this goal can be broken down into two main areas.

The first step for increasing efficiency is to ensure there is clarity of your business plan and goals. When every member of your team is completely clear on what they’re doing, when they’re doing it and, most importantly, why their job is a vital component in the vision of the company, you will have an empowered and motivated workforce.


The second key to efficiency is good communications. When a team is in constant and swift dialogue with each other, tasks get completed quicker and to a higher quality. The use of cloud technology is central to creating better communications as, once files are uploaded, they can be downloaded anywhere and anytime. This means your staff can be on the ball and achieving meaningful collaboration and support on all manner of tasks.

Sell, Sell, Sell 

The best way to empower a business is to keep in mind that sales are your main focus. It is suggested that up to eighty percent of the workload of a business should be spent on sales. Increasing profit, creating new clients, ensuring customer loyalty, building a brand, etc. The cloud allows for you to easily share critical information and targets in a variety of formats, which satisfies both client and business requirements.

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