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Haven’t Watched Vikings yet? It’s time to Start

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Many years ago, Kent was known as the Kingdom of Kent, and between the years of 825 and 1066, the region was subjected to a number of Viking attacks. The land was attractive to the Norse seafarers due to its position with easy access to major land and sea routes. Because of the long-running relationship with the Vikings, people of Kent are often intrigued by their history. Now, one of the most enjoyable ways to learn about the Vikings is through watching the TV series. The show is now in its fifth season and has quickly become one of the most popular things on the box.

Game of Thrones is undoubtedly the most popular medieval series out there, and the HBO epic has led to a number of other show creators attempting to recreate its success. Vikings is easily the best to have emerged in the shadow of the fantasy drama, and it could go on to challenge the series based on George RR. Martin’s novels for the top spot in the medieval TV rankings.

Vikings began in 2013 and first aired on the History channel. The series, which was written and created by Michael Hirst, followed the trials and tribulations of the notorious and fearsome Viking Ragnar Lothbrok. Initially, it was the awesome portrayal of this legendary character by Travis Fimmel which got the series off to an exceptionally strong start. Later on, though, viewers were sucked in deeper by the other complex characters, storylines, and seriously intense action scenes. The series opener drew in 6 million viewers but, now, five seasons in, there are over 300 million daily file sharers. The series is also available to watch on Netflix, albeit only in the Southern Hemisphere, which has helped to boost its viewership further.

It’s a sign of the times these days that a successful franchise bursts out into other media. Game of Thrones, for instance, is so much more than just a TV series now. There is a PlayStation role-playing game based on it and numerous board games. Vikings is also being represented on a number of different platforms, which highlights just how popular it has become. There is already a Vikings slot game, which is available to play at Redbet online casino, and Hugo Games in partnership with MGM Interactive are planning on releasing a mobile game this year.

Vikings has been lauded by critics and has an impressive rating of 91 per cent on Rotten Tomatoes. It has been described as natural and authentic, and praised for focusing on stamina and power over sex and violence. Instead of portraying the Vikings as simple barbarians, it focuses on what motivated them and why they did the things they did.

While it may not be known as the Kingdom of Kent anymore, Kent has a rich history. The Viking raids are a well-researched period, and those who are interested in those times would definitely enjoy watching Vikings on TV. If you haven’t seen it yet, be sure to check it out.

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