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Good to GO this New Year with Boka!

Are you finding it hard to know which ‘healthy’ snack products to choose to kick-start a healthier you and keep your 2019 goals on track? Fear not, Boka’s award-winning range of snacks make it easy! Using the traffic light label system* across all products, people can instantly see the amount of sugar, salt, fat and saturates they are consuming, enabling them to make healthier, great tasting decisions for the New Year!

At Boka we believe in encouraging lifestyle changes which are easy to maintain so people don’t fall at the first hurdle! All Boka products have four green traffic lights front of pack labelling (FOP) (are colour coded green in each of the four categories) so you can feel confident, by incorporating them into your healthy eating plans you’ll meet your nutritional goals with success. As THE brand backed by the professionals and stocked in schools and hospitals around the country, Boka’s unique formulation – low in sugar, salt, fat and saturates – works, fuelling people the correct way throughout the day!

The snag about most snacks is that they are high in fat, salt and or sugars and consumers eat them in a bid to ward off hunger while they are lowering their overall calorie intake, but this only undermines all their hard work. With Boka there’s no need to worry about hidden, sugars or fats, or squinting at confusing labels, just remember four green lights mean you are good to GO!

Please see top picks from the all green lights Boka portfolio:

Cereal Snack Bars

All under 100 calories Boka’s 30g snack bars are healthy without compromising on taste, choose from four delicious signature flavours – Apple & Cinnamon, Caramel, Strawberry and the latest addition Choco Mallow!

Available as a single ‘grab and go’ bar priced at 75p or grab multipacks to stock up at just £2.50 per pack available in main and local Sainsbury’s stores and online.


NEW to the Boka family and at just 35 calories (per mini bag) these magic vanilla cushions are sugar and fat free, meaning you can pop a few in your mouth to kerb that sweet craving without the guilt. Now available in mini packs of 24, 17g bags  online for £10.00.

For your office snack drawer, student backpack, in the car, gym bag or for keeping children happy! GO BOKALICIOUS for a great start to the year.

Products stocked in main  Sainsbury’s  and local stores around the UK and online.

For further details and nutritional information take a look at the Boka website, Instagram, Facebook, and  Twitter channels.

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