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Getting A Step Closer To Creating Your Dream Bathroom

Planning your dream bathroom is a strictly personalised and unique project that has to meet your particular requirements in both design and functionality. However, the road from the conception of an idea to the inception and the creation of the bathroom you have envisioned could be quite bumpy, with unpleasant surprises and things going south.

Below, you will find expert guidance and tips to help realise your dream bathroom without worrying over the details of this, admittedly, fulfilling task.

Pre-Project Key Questions

More than often, there are so many appealing ideas when considering to spruce up your bathroom so that it meets your vision of the perfect bathroom that in the end, you are more confused than ever. After all, what distinguishes a dream bathroom from an ordinary one?

To avoid such worries, do sit down and ask yourself the following questions before you hit the stores for new bathroom essentials or have professionals working on plumbing, tiling and other construction works:

  • What does your dream bathroom look like? – Decide on things like the level of comfort you wish to have in your new bathroom. Also, take into account how each one of you will use the bathroom day in-day out.
  • How can the bathroom adapt to future changes? – Although nobody knows what the future holds, everybody can foresee some changes in their life. For instance, the new bathroom may need to be children-suitable if you are planning to have kids sometime Or it may need to be more appropriate for seniors and fit their needs. All these thoughts are best evaluated beforehand. Of course, the bathroom design could be irrelevant to the users’ age. However, it should be able to meet the growing need for safety, practicality, and comfort.
  • What is the style you fancy the most? – Will you give a modern flair to your bathroom or go with some Old-World charm and rustic details? What is the ambience you want your bathroom to have? What kind of furnishing style?
  • What’s the available space? – The size of the bathroom plays a vital role in the selection of the right colour scheme, tub size, and other important details. The good news is that there is an impressive range of ideas to make the most of a small bathroom space, such as fantastic bathtubs under 1700mm in length and floating vanities that you will have no problem creating your dream bathroom even when space is limited.

Choosing Your Bathroom Products for Added Safety

One of the most fundamental elements of a bathroom is safety. Studies have shown that the safer you feel in your own home, the more you have a feeling of wellbeing. Things like a cabinet or shower/toilet seat-embedded night-light programs can help show you the way in the dark without interrupting the body’s restfulness – it has been highlighted that light brighter than 200 lux can interfere with the wake-sleep cycle and make us wake up.

Also, make sure you use bathroom fixtures (shower tray or bathtub) with an anti-slip coating that will enable the feet to have a more secure hold, especially if you have small children or seniors that will be using the bathroom. Steps for baths are also handy safety options that will foster the easy (and safer) entry and exit to the tub.

Final Notes: 

  • Choosing bathroom furnishing with a timeless, classic design and an excellent practical value will allow you to enjoy using your bathroom several times a day for a good 10 or 15 years (or even more).
  • Creating a welcoming feel is key to a dream bathroom that will take the entire space to an upper level of relaxation. Simple things like using high-quality wooden surfaces that contrast with the white acrylic or ceramic surfaces of the bathtub or washbasin can really work wonders.
  • Pick your lights carefully as they can affect your mood and give you a sense of luxury. For example, green is uplifting while blue is soothing. You may also opt for a programme that has all colours in alternation so you can benefit the most of the effects of a rejuvenating bath.
  • Spas and saunas are no longer only found in wellness centres. They can be integral parts of your dream bathroom and offer you the recuperation and pleasure you seek after a long and stressful day.

No matter how one imagines their dream bathroom, one thing is for sure – as long as it contributes to a higher quality of life and a greater sense of wellbeing and comfort, it will undoubtedly become your small slice of heaven for you and your loved ones to enjoy.

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