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Forget Vacations, Why Not Staycation In Kent This Summer?

It’s no secret that holidays abroad for the whole family can get rather expensive, especially in a post-Brexit world where the exchange rates have made it difficult to get value for your money. More and more people since 2016 have decided to stay at home and still enjoy a summer holiday or “staycation”, and what better place to do it than right here in Kent? The county has plenty to offer, and even if you can’t get out and about, you can do lots on your doorstep. Kent is the kind of place that international tourists would love to flock to, so why not make the most of it and appreciate exactly what you already have this summer?

Kent Downs

Affectionately known as the “Garden of England”,  the Kent Downs are stunning and officially renowned for being an “Area of Natural Beauty”. Their coverage starts at the London borders and go right through to the White Cliffs of Dover, which are iconic and symbolic in their own right. A road trip through the entirety of the Kent Downs will bring you so much more knowledge of where you live, and a newfound appreciation. You’ll learn about events of historical importance, see buildings of archaeological significance, and marvel at natural wonders along the way, ticking off new towns and views as you go.

Plan a Party

Sometimes the logistics even of a road trip are a bit much, especially if you have a young family or too many friends to organise in one place. A party gets everyone together and yes, it’s absolutely an excuse to take some time off work and make a big song and dance about it. A BBQ in the warmer months is an absolute must, as is organising some fun party games.

When the sun goes down, for adults, it’s all about the partying! Why not try drinking games, charades or bingo? In fact, some bingo sites are even helping you to get the party started this summer, with the likes of Bingo Boutique offering party packs including an ice-cream maker and chocolate fountain. These are essential for a summer party – and if you don’t win, you could always invest in the equipment yourself.

Pic 1
Graze Grill – Chocolate Fountain” (CC BY 2.0) by Calgary Reviews

Rent a Villa

Why go to the sun and sea when you can bring the sun and sea to you? If you’ve got a big family, or a big group of friends, you can save yourselves the flight costs and rent out a beautiful villa a lot closer to home. If you look on “Holiday Lettings”, you’ll find some incredible places that will have everyone thinking you’ve jetted off far, far away. The perfect example is the villa – suitable for six people – which has an indoor cinema and even an indoor beach! There are lots of little unique boutiques like that dotted around the region, which will leave you feeling pretty smug that you decided to shop local. No excuses for anyone not to come, too!

Stay at the Seaside

Kent is blessed with a multitude of beautiful beaches and quaint little British seaside towns. For the quintessential staycation experience enjoyed by the many generations before us (your grandparents would have just called it a holiday), you would do well to visit any of the top-rated beaches in the area. It’s a great intro to taking your children to the beach, and you can even swim in the ocean. Don’t forget the sunscreen. The sun’s UV rays can still affect us even in England, you’d be surprised. You don’t want to look like a lobster!

Pic 2
Beach huts in Herne Bay” (CC BY 2.0) by grassrootsgroundswell


A Day Trip to London

Whilst not in Kent itself, London is on the doorstep of this home county. Even if you work in the capital, be honest with yourself for a second – have you ever taken the time to appreciate why millions of tourists flock there every year? In 2016, a record-breaking amount of people visited the UK’s most famous city, with 31.5 million people from the UK and overseas gracing the world-renowned concrete jungle. But it’s so much more than that: just a train ride away, you’re fortunate enough to have a wealth of culture and history waiting to be discovered. Be a tourist in your own home, for once. Visit the London Dungeons. Ride the London Eye. Take a photo outside of Buckingham Palace. Take the whole family – and do it without shame.

Pic 3
London Eye” (CC BY 2.0) by pedrantos


No matter where you go in Kent, you’ll find a newfound appreciation when you stop the rushing around of the daily grind, and take time to appreciate where you live.

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