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Famous Casino Players That Have Beat the House

People quite often say that the house always wins, but many people have also proven that this is not the case. The following famous casino gamers have walked away with fantastic jackpots that we could only wish for.

Daniel Negreanu

If we start off by going for those that have won seriously substantial amounts of cash, Daniel Negreanu has to be at the top of our list. He’s a professional poker player that has won many of the top titles in the world of poker. We’re talking SIX World Series of Poker (WSOP) bracelets and another two World Poker Tour (WPT) titles to boot.

We’ve heard of poker players that have beat the house but at age 22, Las Vegas broke this player. He took his savings to the strip and lost most of it at this tender age. Undeterred, he pursued his dream of becoming a star player and is one of the most decorated in history.

Phil Ivey

If you ask the majority of people to name a famous casino player, they’ll reference this man. He has to be the most famous professional gamblers in the world, as he is known as the Tiger Woods of poker. He’s tied with another two players for the most WSOP bracelets won of all time.

His controversial fall from fame happened in 2014, when the Borgata Casino sued him and their card manufacturer for creating and exploiting a defect in the cards. This led Ivey to be branded a cheater and he had to pay out a fine. He’s usually quite conservative with prize money, stating that he only really splashes out on good food.

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Doyle Brunson

This player is a bit of a character, with a distinct sense of style and a fantastic cowboy hat to boot. This maverick of poker was voted the most influential force in the game back in 2006 by Bluff Magazine. He’s instantly recognisable and can definitely be classed as an eccentric player for sure.

Brunson has also been known to occasionally play on online casinos, so you wouldn’t know if he’s sitting at your live casino table. The best UK casinos online, like those listed at often use new tech like live casino games to make the action feel more real.

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Vanessa Selbst

It’s uncommon to see successful female poker players, as this world is still very much male dominated. As far as female players go, she’s the most famous one out there and the most decorated too. She’s won three WSOP golden bracelets, not exactly your standard Mother’s Day gift but impressive none the less.

She has won millions in this game and created a fantastic legacy for other female players to look up to. The proportion of female players in the game is increasing but it seems to be a slow process to get there as they tend to feel more comfortable on online casinos.

If you fancy taking to the tables and trying to win a fortune like these players, then try it out! You might just see your name on a list of decorated players next.

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