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Empower Yourself – Spirituality In Kent

Wellness is trendy, however it is also a misconception that wellness is about eating clean. Wellness starts with being in control of how we feel. What is it that we can do to gain control of how we feel everyday?  It starts with being in control of our destiny and our past, or spirituality. At the heart of being spiritual is a whole host of activities  which focus on self love and awareness of the self. Empowerment and wellness is about knowing yourself, and those who are spiritual have managed to dig to the deepest part of themselves and understand their desires and fears. We’ve rounded up the best spiritual events happening in Kent, and give you a little more insight into the benefits of each one:


Take Charge of Your Future (and your past)  – Psychic Development Workshop


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Strengthening your psychic abilities is more than just predicting your future. It is about reading your past, and becoming more in tune with your loved ones. Psychics believe that like sports, psychic ability is a natural gift, however with practice, those who haven’t presented a natural talent can begin to grasp the basics. If you’re stuck for time, you can read further information about mediums or talk to one yourself at The Circle, who specialise in bringing psychics together with clients. There are also regular workshops or intensive day courses which take place around Kent.


Look After Your Health at the Banyan Retreat


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The Banyan retreat offers a host of activities from sports massage to Reiki. Here you can partake in some Tai Chi or perhaps even take a Bio Energy Field Assessment. Those trained in assessing energy fields will be able to take a scan to assess the light distribution in your body, in order to tell tell you more about imbalances or potential ailments which may arise. A little like a CAT scan, a Bio Energy Field Assessment uses the latest technology in order to examine your aura.



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If you’re trying to reach your goal, perhaps a work goal or a sporting achievement – or maybe you want to quit smoking, hypnotherapy might help you on your way. Designed to reprogramme thinking patterns, hypnotherapy has been proven to help those who might have otherwise struggled to reach their potential in certain areas. Aurora Mind And Body hold 1 -1 hypnotherapy sessions at their mindfulness clinic, where you can learn how to become “mind fit as well as as body fit” through sessions in yoga, mindfulness and sports performance hypno-psychotherapy.

Try Reiki


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If  you haven’t tried Reiki before, it’s worth swapping out your normal massage to try it. Japanese for ‘hands on healing’ Reiki promises to reduce joint inflammation and pain as well as helping to block negative energies and reducing fatigue. There are many practitioners who offer Reiki in Kent, and if you go to Escape Holistic Therapies, you will be able to indulge in treatments such as Reflexology, and Hopi Ear Candles, which similarly offer both physical and mental benefits.

With so many different practises to choose from, we’ve only scratched the surface. Spirituality is about your inner self confidence, and self appreciation, and there’s always time to squeeze in a little bit of time for you. Perhaps start with a little bit of yoga and work from there, until you find yourself feeling lighter and happier.

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