10 Sep 2018

Practical Ways to Improve Your Decision Making Skills

The ability to make decisions is an important skill that everyone should learn. It is beneficial in every aspect of your life whether it’s your relationships, education, or career. Although nobody is

26 Jul 2018

Top 7 Online Casino Jackpot Hits

At present, online casinos appear to be far more popular than their land-based counterparts. Online gaming venues are preferred by a great many gamblers because they are easy to access and, more importantly,

24 Jul 2018

5 Alternative Hen Party Ideas

Once upon a time, hen parties were all about going out to a club and drinking a lot. Today, however, women want more than that from their hen night, and dancing on

28 Jun 2018

Key Steps To Working Through A Relationship Ending

It is unfortunate, but relationships can break down. It could be for many different reasons and occur at any moment. These will always be heartbreaking and difficult moments to work through, and

26 May 2018

Everything you need to know about veganism

More mainstream than ever, veganism is the hottest food topic on the block with everyone from A-lister Natalie Portman to tennis champ Serena Williams and Formula One driver Lewis Hamilton jumping on the

22 May 2018

Kent’s Richest People: How Do They Compare with the Rest of the World’s?

Those of you in the know may be aware that the Sunday Times recently released their much-anticipated annual Rich List for 2018, profiling the wealthiest people in the country. Unsurprisingly, this year

21 May 2018

Pop Up Flower Stall at Broadditch

Hedges and Flowers’ Pop Up Flower Stall at Broadditch Farm, Saturday 26th May, 9am to 5pm and Sunday 27th May, 10am to 4pm.   “Hedges and Flowers is the flower-baby of photographer-turned-floral

17 Apr 2018

How Taking Up a New Hobby Can Boost Your Health

Getting active can help boost health and fitness levels for long-term health. Many people struggle to find the time to get enough exercise into their lifestyles and often it can be a

13 Apr 2018

7 Practical Ways To Improve Your Life Now

There’s no better time than right now at this moment to figure out how you can improve your life and start putting in the work to do so. The following ideas are

27 Mar 2018

Repairing Your Relationship: How to Reconnect with Your Partner

Many couples are guilty of neglecting their relationship over time. People can develop bad habits, which can take their toll on their marriage. Don’t allow your relationship to fall by the wayside

07 Mar 2018

How to Plan a Last Minute Wedding

Whatever the reason, a last-minute wedding can be incredibly romantic. Not only will you save yourself months (if not years) of stressful planning, but you’ll also have a great story to tell.

06 Mar 2018

Reasons People Love To Receive Flowers

Flowers have always been a popular gift both to receive and to give. Valentine’s, birthdays, anniversaries, even ‘just because’… Flowers can say everything that needs to be said in a riot of