09 Feb 2019

How to Get Your Home Ready for Winter

As the cold weather approaches and winter makes itself known, you need to know how you can get your house adequately prepared for the season. To do this, there is a practical

07 Feb 2019

Send Flowers and Celebrate a Birthday in Colour!

Flowers say many things. They can say ‘sorry’, they can say ‘I love you’, ‘congratulations’, and they can say ‘happy birthday’. It is fair to say that most women adore flowers and

28 Jan 2019

3 Ways You Could Use Your Phone to Improve Your Life

We pretty much have our smartphones glued to our hands, but how often do we feel like we could do something more productive with them? We use them to make calls, send

25 Jan 2019

How Are You Dealing With The Winter Blues?

Source: Pexels It’s the same every single year; we celebrate the holidays, we relax during our time off work and we spend time with our closest friends and family. Then, all of

03 Jan 2019

Plan Your Perfect Wedding Day

Couples planning their big day next year can pick up a host of ideas at a series of wedding fairs being held at boutique wedding venue, One Warwick Park Hotel. On 20th

02 Jan 2019

Plan your perfect wedding day at Salomons Estate

Couples planning their big day next year can pick up a host of ideas at a series of wedding fairs being held at Salomons Estate, located on the outskirts of Royal Tunbridge

10 Dec 2018

How to Get and Stay Lucky: What does Science Say?

They say you that if you can’t be good, then be lucky. Whoever “they” are, they certainly seem to have a lot to say for themselves. Still, most of the time, “they”

06 Dec 2018

How to Have a Very Merry Kent Christmas Holiday

Christmas is a magical time for everyone, and in Kent, you are sure to have plenty of traditions and beautiful markets to fill your days up with merry fun. Of course, that

13 Nov 2018

How To Think Savvy As A Student

Those who have experienced student life will be familiar with the financial difficulties that can occur. Getting to grips with personal budgeting, spending habits, routine and time management are all part of

08 Nov 2018

8 Tips to Spice Up Your Life

Life is what you make of it. It’s about the little moments and the big achievements. Your time spent at work and the way you choose to spend your evenings all reflect

30 Oct 2018

Big British Betting – The UK is the World Leader in Gambling

The UK may not have the most massive and elaborate real-world gambling playgrounds like those in Las Vegas and Macau. However, when it comes to actual gamblers measured in numbers, no city

05 Oct 2018

How to Turn a Hobby into a Luxury Way to Relax

Nowadays we spend too much of our rushing around, trying to have and do it all. Whether it be at home or the office, we are failing to find the time to