23 Feb 2017

Weald Walks

Way back in the mists of time (in the Neolithic period, which ended in around 2,000 BC to be a little more precise), the area we know and love as the Weald

22 Dec 2016

The ultimate girlie birthday treat… A Princess Pamper Party at the Tudor Park Marriott Hotel & Country Club

It’s official, I have a tweenager. My little baby is hitting double figures, the grand old age of 10, eek! And with the momentous occasion also comes the issue of just what

21 Dec 2016

What’s In Your Fridge?

In December, your fridge probably looked like a small branch of a supermarket, stuffed to the gills with, well, pretty much everything the shops had to offer before Christmas descended and we

14 Dec 2016

Celebrity TV Chef Joins Bella Vou’s Fundraising Drive for Local Children’s Charity

The Bella Vou cosmetic surgery clinic will host a fundraising event to raise money for local children’s charity, Tree of Hope. The event on The Pantiles, Tunbridge Wells, will run from 10am

27 Nov 2016

Give organic

‘Organic’ has shifted from a buzzword to a part of our everyday lives; in a bid to avoid pesticides, factory farming and other nutritional nasties, more and more of us are opting

14 Sep 2016


Can you spare just an hour to make a difference to the lives of those living with dementia? Sarah Webber, a Dementia Friends Champion at Sanctuary Care’s beautiful Meadow View Residential Care

31 Aug 2016

Legionnaires’ disease might be closer than you think

Legionnaires’ disease… no doubt you will have heard of it. And perhaps you think it is something that is only related to large industrial buildings or big hotel complexes. Well, that’s not

18 Jul 2016


The Strength & Conditioning Institute launches groundbreaking Internet service. Award-winning UK gym The Strength & Conditioning Institute (The SCI) has today launched an online service which delivers world-class training and nutrition programmes

11 Jul 2016

New Kent Social Enterprise Aims to Revolutionise Elderly Care

With over 900,000 elderly people needing care and support but receiving nothing, a group of friends with ageing parents have decided to take matters into their own hands and shake up services

28 Jun 2016

How to give hay fever the heave-ho

Those of us who don’t suffer from hay fever could be forgiven for wondering what could possibly be so bad about watery eyes and the odd bout of sneezing, but in reality,

08 Jun 2016

It’s not only our Bodies we Need to get Ready Before the Summer

Earlier this month, our very own Kelly Brook set the Internet ablaze after posting a stunning summer bikini picture on Instagram. The shot of the 36-year-old in her Leia Lingerie two-piece was certainly enough to

28 Apr 2016

Spring Clean Your Life

Traditionally, New Year’s Day is the time of year to mark new beginnings – whether it’s starting a daily exercise regime, launching a business or quitting a bad habit. But why don’t