04 Jan 2018

Tips on Using Settlement Agreement to Resolve an Employment Issue

Facing an employment issue is not something you want to experience. Unfortunately, even in today’s business climate, there are still circumstances where you might disagree with your current employer. In these circumstances,

04 Jan 2018

How To Defend Yourself In A Criminal Court

If you or a loved one has been accused of conspiracy, whether involving theft, drugs or something as serious as murder, you need help to defend yourself properly and effectively. This can

18 Dec 2017

How the Cloud Can Empower Your Business

Running a business requires a vast and dynamic skill set. To be at the helm of your own enterprise requires thinking outside of the box, leadership, and impeccable organisation. However, these traits,

14 Dec 2017

Reducing Your Last Minute Christmas Expenses

The big day may be fast approaching, but it’s not too late to reign in your Christmas spending. In accordance with the popular jingle, Christmas may be the most wonderful time of

05 Dec 2017

A Complete Guide to Securing Your Business

With a third of small businesses falling prey to cybercrime, it has never been more important to secure our online data. However, due to this heightened security risk, it’s easy to forget

02 Nov 2017

How to Have a Better Work/Life Balance

Having a work/life balance is crucial for your happiness. It’s also crucial for dealing with stress. Having a positive, balanced, and healthy work/life balance is how you’ll be more productive at work

01 Nov 2017

How to Support Someone After an Accident

An accident can not only take its toll on the victim, but on their loved ones too. Family members or friends might not know how to support the victim when they need

31 Oct 2017

So You Want to Start a Luxury Lifestyle Brand?

Ever since it became possible to start a business online, there has been an upswing of people leaving their nine-to-fives to become entrepreneurs. One of the most popular niches on the web

09 Oct 2017

Is the risk of serious injury the cost of fun at theme parks?

In recent years there have been a number of high profile serious injuries and deaths at UK theme parks and amusement parks around the world. While such incidents are still fortunately relatively

06 Oct 2017

Five Solutions to Challenges Small Businesses Face

Small businesses are what make any town truly special. They bring their people value, add character to their surroundings, and are a crucial part of any economical ecosystem. Owning and operating a

22 Sep 2017

3 Alternative Ways to Invest Your Money

With the banks threatening to start charging us for accessing our own money it seems ever more appealing to start keeping our hard-earned money under the mattress, but we all know that

08 Sep 2017

5 Investment Opportunities Available in Kent

Investing the money you have saved is a great way to build wealth. Finding and choosing the right investments for you will depend on a number of factors and will require some